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"Perché, vedi, il tempo non guarisce un bel niente, sei tu che intorno alle tue ferite organizzi la vita." #buongiornocosì 🌹💫🎈
If you wait long enough something will happen
🇪🇸 Madrid, July 2017 ➵ Only beautiful moments with you --- All informations about budget, accomodation, foods outlets and more of Madrid will be available on our website in French 🇫🇷 : ↠ www.unexpectedadventure.net --- Soon: A new article will be available in our blog concerning our weekend in Madrid will be available in French 🇫🇷 on 25th of August 2017
Barnegat Lighthouse, Old Barney, New Jersey. ( Tag your friends for more! )
Never gets old. Breezy cool summer day in the city. 💖