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What's your #hook? In my life so far I have had the pleasure to learn from some of the best Marketers, Salesmen & Brand Managers the DACH region has to offer. One of which taught me the importance of having a "hook" very early on. Despite it's textbook definition we marketers refer to a hook as a certain visible attribute which makes people remember you - it is what people think of when they think of you and vice versa. Why is it important to have a hook? In the world we live in today too many people cannot bear the information overload they are confronted with. It is hard for us humans to remember they very things we witness and the people we meet which do not leave a significant memory in our heads. On the other hand no one will argue with the fact that it is vital to stay in peoples memories as you never know what new inquiry they might have stored for you at some point in the future. The best way to stay in people's minds is to have something which makes you distinct at first sight - a hook. Noe you may think what my hook is? Since 2 years it is my skull ring which you will probably never see me without. I keep experimenting with new hooks though - my #khaldrogo eyebrow being one of them ;) So the question remains - what's your hook?! #pedramspath