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Ainda sem planos para os fins de semana grandes de Dezembro? A Vanscape tem a solução. Por 190€ faz uma surf trip inesquecível! Para ajudar à aventura, oferecemos um BBQ e late check-out (até as 19h00) para não perder as ondas no último dia! / We have two big weekends coming up! Book with us now on one of these big weekends for just 190€ and we'll also offer a BBQ and a late check-out (until 19h00) for your surftrip! #vanscape #homeiswhereyouparkit #surfing #surf #campervanlife
I haven't seen this out my skylight in a long time! What is that blue stuff behind the clouds!? And what is this blinding white light? Am I dying!? #sunroofviews #vanlife #westcoast #rainfordays #sunshine #vandweller #rvlife #clouds #sky #homeiswhereyouparkit
Thankful for this #thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! So typing everything we’re thankful for would far surpass the Instagram character limit. But one thing we’re grateful for is being a part of this inspiring van dweller community. What a year it’s been on the road, and we’re thankful for every minute of it😊🦃🍁
I imagined that I would wake up early everyday and exercise but living in the van is not exactly something you can imagine and plan in advance. The unknown of tomorrow, being on the go and lack of an even surface can be an obstacle. But we do our best✌🏼👌🏼🚐🌎💪🏽⠀ #vanlife #ontheroad #usa #travel #river #forest #exercising #fit #fitness #stretching
This is it! 😲 (See link in bio) - It's been a while since Cécile and I didn't post anything, and this are the reasons. 🤔 - After almost a year working on Radius & Ulna project, living in a van and travelling. After getting over some real shit and some wonderful moments, it is now time to realize that finally this is not what we want for the both of us. 😯 - We wouldn't do it differently. This was for sure one of the best experiences in our life so far. This sensation of freedom and this new notion of borders was quite something. And I personally wouldn't want to live that dream with another person. 😏 - This travel have been full of joy and full of love. But when you feel that something's wrong in some way, you have to do something, and this is what we are doing right now. - So our van is for sale and for the next weeks you will find the AD on our bio. ➡➡➡ - If you have any questions, don't hesitate, we are here to answer (but be serious please 😐) - So for all the people who've been following us since the beginning of this adventure (and you are a lot) and all the others catching the train on his way, again, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. It was an honor and a pleasure to share with you our way of life, even If it was that short. 😃😄😊 - 🙇Take care, 👫 Love, love, love xX 💗 - Simon & Cécile
Awesome morning at the beach on the goldy
Gimpel (front) and Rot Flüh (back) wanna say HI! 🏔✌
Happy Thanksgiving from Panama City Beach RV Resort! We hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! We are thankful for our wonderful guests. What are you thankful for? #Thanksgiving #pcbrvresort #givethanks
Thankful for the air in my lungs, the power in my legs, and the adventure in my heart. #thanksgiving #thankful #cycling #allegiantcycling
Shannon finally got to geek out a little in Roswell as we searched for aliens. I have been feeling quite under the weather since got here, so we decided that while I had energy we had to go out and explore even if most places were closed. It seemed like a good way to spend Thanksgiving day. #aliens
Happy Thanksgiving! 🚐❤️ What are you grateful for? Comment below 👇🏼 Photo by @noel_russ #projectvanlife
Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta • I wish it were easier to share panoramas on social media. This panorama is larger than these three snaps, but you at least get the idea! I hadn’t been to Waterton pre-wildfire, but I spent (Canadian) Thanksgiving in the area will my family, and I explored it for the first time through the lens of scale, contrast at what I thought was destruction. But the more I saw of it, the more I realized I was actually seeing it as a new beginning - for the park, and for me at the end of my 2017 road trip. I’m excited to watch this park grow back, the same way I’m keen to see where time takes me after this crazy, wild summer. You can read more about my time in Waterton (and see the full panorama) on my blog today! | #travelalberta #waterton #watertonlakes #yyc #explorecanada #homeiswhereyouparkit #vanlife #graceandgravity #sheexplores #wwhmember #womenwhohike #outdoorwomen #optoutside #amongthewild #forceofnature #themountainsarecalling #mtnchicks #yogascapes #hikingculture #lessismuir #theoutbound #letskeepitwild #howloften
Are those meatballs?! Nope, broccoli balls. Spent this afternoon prepping meals. I start work today and still want to eat well. Cooking in the van can be challenging at times. Limited space. Running out of propane. Always have a spare. You don't want to get half way through cooking and need to pack up to go get more. . . . . #vanboysrule #vanman #vancooking #vanlife #homeiswhereyouparkit #homeonwheels #livingsmall #vanlifers #offthegrid #minimalism #campervan #vanlifestyle #vanliving #sprintervanlife #vanlifeexplorers #adventurevan #vanlifediaries #sprintercampervan #vanconversion