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#Repost of @joely_joel11 via @EasyRepost - #2monthsago thank you @joely_joel11 for your beautiful words.... my adventure of a lifetime is coming to an end tomorrow.. the past 15days have been an extraordinary journey of self discovery both personally & professionally, I am truly grateful.. I have seen and done things that I never thought possible. I have met the most amazing people who have inspired me, brought out my emotions, have been completed honest, raw and open and I have allowed myself to be creative and grow as an individual. I cannot thank @robynduseactress enough for her dedication, passion and guidance in putting this acting boot camp together.. to all my fellow actors Jacqui, @jackcollocott95 @kitaascott @wpaulaj @moisecapalb & Peter it's been an honour being with you all and getting to know you during the past 2 weeks, each of you has taught me something about life & and I know I have made some life long friends.. LA I will be back xx #actors #actor #actorlife #hollywood #hollywoodlife #la #hollywoodsign #grateful #inspired #emotionally #grateful #lovinglife #friends #bootcamp #actingbootcamp #lalife
Love it when a photo comes together. Actress & filmmaker Shawn Ashley with a theatrical look here.
#Halsey And #LaurenJauregui Get Real About Their Ex-Girlfriends On New Song ‘Strangers’ (via #mtv) Story @ KPClive #LinkinBio
Opening today for a 2:05pm, 60 minute massage at Larchmont Sanctuary Spa (323) 466-1028 ask for Ruth :) Had an unfortunate last minute cancellation and I'd love to use it to help someone de-stress for the holiday! . . . . . . #passionflower #passionflowers #celebritymassagetherapist #massagela #massagelife #massagetherapist #lamassage #lamassagetherapist #massagenerd #bestmassageever #doinla #bestofla #timeoutla #hancockpark #larchmontvillage #larchmont #hollywoodlife #beverlyblvd #beverlyhills #luxlife #losangelesspa #losangelesmassage #prettyflower #naturelovers #flowerstalking #flowerpower #pinkflowers
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The Neverending stooooorrrrrryyyyyyy
The first step in Healing and awakening your Sacred Sexy Self is first realize what is going on within you that is no longer serving you & stopping you from really living that life .. Is beliefs that you dont deserve it? That love is hard? Wounding from a traumatic experience? Also what are you seeking to experience and what is your soul calling for? My path started with MY INNER DEEP DESIRE AND KNOWING THAT I WANTED TO BE LOVED, LOVE AND EXPERIENCE PURE HOLY BLISS W MY LOVER .. I knew that I was wounded, I was hidden and that I had work to do to find that Heart in my Sexuality... It's time we go within and release all of our goodness that we have an option to experience .. YOU DESERVE TO LIVE A HOLY WILD FIERCE FEMME LIFE .. having sacred sexy deeply fulfilling and epic love with your beloved .. Sacred and Sexuality go together .. You can begin to break the patterns and start your new path just by honoring what you deserve & being committed to the path .. SacredlySexyAf is where you get to be sacred, sassy and full of FUCK YES LIVING xo, Lily #UnstoppableGoddess Sacred Sexuality and Empowerment Co for the badass babes .. ps I have my own process of how I learned to mix my sexuality with my spirituality .. the energetics of the Femme & Masculine Body ... plus the ways that spirit is present during all of life .. Sexuality is one place that you can experience the deepest sense of oneness with another and DIVNE LOVE .. YOU ARE SACRED AND YOU ARE SEXY AF Wanna chat about my program SEXY SACRED LIFESTYLE Free Consult about where you are in your life and what where you wanna go in Your DREAM SEXY POWERFUL LIFE
#GwenStefani & #BlakeShelton Gearing Up for a New Show? (via #Enews) @ KPClive.com #LinkinBio
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WW21. 113. (Video isn't accurate, but you can visualize it) **** "Uh, Louis," I stopped him and he expectantly glanced back in my direction. "You go ahead, I'll follow suit soon." "Why?" "Just give me a few minutes." Louis agreed understandingly and continued ahead. I tiptoed behind a tree gradually to see Connor and Y/n come in sight. I groaned internally, I despised private presence of Connor around my Y/n. I balanced against the tree as I creepily leaned in to hear their conversation. I saw her smile at him with such adoration in her eyes that it made skeptical conclusions arise within me. Her words were unclear to me, but I distinctly saw her wrapping herself into his arms as he kissed her forehead. "I love you," Y/n told Connor. The next few words were a whisper but hearing that was extremely disturbing for me. I stormed out of there, not caring if anyone saw me. I rushed back into the house, my chest heaving up and down rapidly as I tried to stabilize my breath. But it just didn't happen, I couldn't stop panicking. She loved him? I hastily tried to find Lynn, wanting her right now to just be able to forget everything and execute the plan further. I grasped her tightly by her hips, almost digging in my nails on her sides in anger and agony. She winced slightly but turned around, seeming relieved to see me. Before I could utter a word, I caught Y/n and Connor reentering the party. I could see them heading towards the kitchen so I clasped Lynn's wrist and dragged her to the kitchen. "Harry, it hurts!" She complained, rubbing her wrist. "Shh babe," I whispered in her ear seductively when I was sure Y/n could look at me. I picked her up and set her on the counter pettily as Y/n had done earlier. Lynn giggled. She looked away, not bothering with us anymore. Her hand caught ahold of Connor as she said something to him and he glanced towards us angrily. I didn't know what it was, but it was enough for me. I led her upstairs. Y/n was being so selfish, she didn't care how anyone felt except herself. I can't believe I ever loved a girl like her....
In the jungle, the mighty jungle The lion sleeps tonight In the jungle the quiet jungle The lion sleeps tonight A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh #hastag #aweemaweh #lion #tits #supercutecouple #hollywoodlife #supreme #superproskateboarding #skateboard #mattdamon #yes #river #tits #ass #vaginaman
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boston, last winter
WW21. 112. HPOV "Harry, dude!" A voice called me and I turned back, distracting me from the music. "Hey," I greeted Louis as he pushed his way towards me. Lynn's arm wrapped around my forearm as she followed my gaze. She was possessive and mostly wanted me to herself. She was quite into me, and that was something I specifically didn't like. But I still put up with her, because eventually she was helping me with Y/n. "Wanna go out and smoke a joint?" Louis asked me amusedly. I shook my head. "Come on, just one! Loosen up!" He begged and I yielded in pretty easily. I think I could use some. "I'll be back." I whispered to Lynn and she nodded. I swung my hand on Lou's shoulder as we both sauntered out of the party. We both stood at the corner of the house, the cool breeze blowing on my face. Louis handed me one cigarette and lit it up for me. I took a deep puff and ended up coughing my lungs out as Lou patted my back. "This thing sucks," I commented making him laugh. He took a blow from his own and exhaled, the smoke gathering above him. "How do you do it?" "Well, just used to it." He answered. I didn't drink it anymore, just flicked it between my forefingers. We stood there for a few minutes, just taking in the beauty of the night. "Let's go in." Louis prompted and I nodded, following him back. As we walked past a fence, I heard a few whispers. With the voice of it, I could instantly tell it was Y/n. I couldn't possibly ever mistake her voice for someone else's. It's just something about her.
"When I finished the film, it kind of felt like I had made that transition into being a woman onscreen" - Emma Watson on playing Belle. A gorgeous woman indeed... 🌹 #skinenvy #skingoals #emmawatson #beautyandthebeast @people
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WW21. 111. "What's our relationship?" I quietly asked him, my eyes on the bedsheet as I clasped it between my fingers. "What?" He asked. By his tone, I could tell he understood, but just wanted me to repeat it for the sake of it. "What did you tell Gemma about us?" I elaborated, his eyebrows furrowing. He put on an abashed expression. "I didn't tell her anythi-" I held my hand up for him to quit talking. "You did. Gemma accidently let it out." I said. "You spoke to Gem?" He controverted, seeming astonished. "Shouldn't you too? She was worried sick about your health," I answered. "So would you tell me why?" "Look Y/n, I'm sorry but I couldn't hold it in. I considered you... it." His voice trailed off at the end, his green irises enduring a layer of humiliation. "Don't you like Lynn?" "No," He honestly answered, looking away completely. Anywhere in the room, but me. "Then why did you date her?" I questioned. He didn't answer, just fiddled with the rings on his fingers. "Answer me!" I screeched. "I'm not dating her, damn it! I don't like her, she's just fucking there!" He screamed back, making my eyes widen. What? "Then all those kisses, touches.. " I began, but couldn't say anything further. "I didn't mean it." He honestly told me. Somewhere deep within me, I was overjoyed, but at the same time I wanted to know why he kept me in misery for so long. "Then? Why would you hurt me like this?" I blurted before I could fathom it. His eyes snapped towards me instantly. "You were hurt?!" He clarified and I nodded, swiveling my nails on the bedsheet and concentrating on making complete circles. "No, you tell me about your relationship with Connor." He questioned back suddenly. To be honest, I was taken aback. "Answer me now!" He shrieked after I didn't reply for a few seconds. "You're questioning me about my relationship with Lynn and how about you, Y/n? You seem no better." "I-I don't have anything with him." I answered truthfully. He clenched his jaw. "You expect me to answer you honestly when you don't do that yourself?! I heard you both the night of the party." He accused and I immediately understood. Holy shit.
Waking up to the sound of the saxophone, birds , and the magical beauty of Mexico . Mexico me trae de un ala . Feliz sábado chiquillos
I haven't had a lot of time on this planet, but I've noticed a constant I'd like to share with you: no matter how hard you try you may never be able to make a bad situation better, but you can always turn it into an excuse or an opportunity. . ========================= #lifesgood #allthewayup #laliving #hollywoodlife #liveluvd #luvd #lifehacks #ucirvine #usctrojans #chapmanuniversity #fullertoncollege #calstatefullerton #ocliving #newps #newportbeach #lagunabeach #irvine #irvinespectrum #inspirationquotes #inspirationalspeaker #freelancelife #socialmediamarketer #ucla #entreprenuers #entrepreneurmagazine #marketers #truthoflife #truthgram #truthseekers
• bottle blonde* • here we have the lovely @teryface and her fun new blonde! ✨since we colored her hair previously blue, i lifted her natural mid/ends before lifting her base with #blondor by @wellahairusa. finished this look with @bumbleandbumble #HairdressersInvisibleOil primer + #AllStyle blow dry cream + #SumoClay. *there were zero bottles involved creating this blonde. 🙃 #HairByMargieOctober
Looking for a new home but having trouble finding it? Call or visit me today 5/27 during my office hours 12:30/5pm. I'll be your compass and show you how to get there! 1801 Hillhurst ave LA CA 90027 ☕🍩🏡 : : : : #hollywoodlife #eastsider #hollywoodstyle #realestateforsale #realestatesales #realestate #larealestate #larealtor #mynewhome #myneighborhood #investor #investinyou #sellmyhome #sellmyhouse #stagingsells #propertyoftheday #homesforsale #openhouse #laneighborhoods
Rob & I had a very fun and Hilarious trip to L.A. and we Vlogged the WHOLE THING! Even the Backstreet Boys made an appearance! Catch all of our FULL daily Hollywood Vlogs on my Youtube Channel! Link is in my bio! W/ @rob_ianni_comedy
About last night... great company, delicious food, non stop libations all add up to a perfect Friday night. Thank you again to our hostesses with the mostest for a lovely and unforgettable night. ❤️❤️Love you guys tons ❤️❤️ ____________________ #aboutlastnight #dinnerparty #fridayvibes #pentonpalace #goodtimes #gratefulheart #hollywoodlife #vinoanditaliannight #goodfood #goodfriends
Sometimes we really wish things would go in the direction we envisioned them and keep hoping it does, but the fact is, the Lord wish for us much more we can even think of, the best we can do is to keep the FAITH on and believing in the Lord's plan for us. MEET MC EXTRAORDINAIRE KELVINFNK.. #life❤️ #loveworld #hptv #flourishing More GRACE #teamfnk1 #thanksgiving #stars #model #set #behindthescenes #lifeofanactor #life❤️ #love #Accra #ghana . #beingkelvinfnk #kelvinfnk #actor #journalist #tvhost #movie #photomodel #NollywoodMovies #hollywoodlife #holla #usa🇺🇸 #nigeria #canada # #lagos
ELÉRTEM A CSÚCSOT! SAJÁT FOGASOM VAN! #newera #hollywoodlife
Camila Cabello tampaknya tak main-main untuk debut albumnya sebagai penyanyi solo, The Hurting, The Healing, The Loving. Ia menggandeng sejumlah musisi ternama dalam produksinya. Cabello mengungkap itu usai merilis Crying in the Club dan I Have Questions. Ia mengonfirmasi bahwa dirinya bekerja sama dengan Ed Sheeran, Pharrell Williams serta Charlie XCX. Dalam wawancaranya baru-baru ini, Cabello menyebut bahwa Sheeran tampil untuk lagu The Boym, Pharell di lagu Havana, sedangkan Charlie untuk lagu Scar Tissue. Selain ketiganya, sang mantan personel Fifth Harmony juga menyebut punya dua lagu lain bersama pentolan OneRepublic Ryan Tedder dan Major Lazer. Langkah solo yang makin mantap ditempuh Cabello karena menurutnya Fifth Harmony, grup yang membesarkan namanya, tak lagi sejalan dengan keinginan dirinya. Sebenarnya, Cabello mengakui bahwa hengkangnya dia dari grup tersebut bukanlah sebuah pilihan yang aman. Terlebih grup itu menurutnya tengah berada di puncak kesuksesan. Namun, seperti personel sebuah girlband atau boyband lain yang memutuskan keluar, Cabello mengaku tak akan menyesal sekali pun kelak musiknya tak diterima. Menurutnya, yang terpenting ia telah melakukan hal yang diinginkannya sendiri. #funseleb #newsupdate #funselebid #hollywoodlife #hollywoodglam #hollywood #musik #camilacabello #fifthharmony