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I stumbled upon a school letting out in Hoi An. Suddenly tons of motorbikes roared up, parents gathered excited, smiling children, backpacks and all, and tucked them up on motorbikes before flying off to home. #motorbikes #hoian #scooters #vietnam
Food Tour of Hoi An, Vietnam. Foods tried from left to right. 1. Sinh Tố - basically a fruit smoothie, this variation had a mix of avocado, papaya, coconut, prune, mango and crushed ice. Absolutely delicious. 2. Banh Dap - crushed rice cracker with anchovy sauce. One of the simpler dishes but I love crisps and anchovies so this was a winner. 3. Bánh xèo - literally translates to "sizzling cake" is like a crispy pancake stuffed with shrimp then with bean sprouts and veggies and dipped in a peanut sauce - one of my favourites! 4. Xi Ma - looks like tar but is actually really pleasant. It's a black sesame sweet soup a bit like a medicine, it really settled my stomach after I almost threw up trying Durian, also there are only 2 families in Hoi An who make it from the original recipe. 5. Open Fried Wanton - filled with avocado, tomato, onion and pumpkin, reminded me of Mexican food and I love Mexican food! 6. Cao Lau - a true tradition in Hoi An and one of the best dishes on the tour. White rice noodles cooked in wood ash well water to turn them brown (don't be put off) with slices of pork marinaded in star anise and cassia bark, bean sprouts, lemongrass and amazing crunchy pork crackling pieces 7. Banh mi!!! The best of all because I LOVE sandwiches, we tried the one in the picture at Madam Khanh's AKA the Banh Mi queen. A baguette of pork, pate, mayonnaise, cilantro leaves, daikon, cucumber and carrot pickle. Honestly it's to die for. I ate three in one night one time. 8. Spring Rolls - a true classic but definitely not my favourite 9. I wish I could remember what this was, there was so much food consumed by the end I was ready for a lie down. I can't recommend doing the food tour highly enohgh, I doubt you would try all these dishes otherwise and it was such a good way to take in all the sights of Hoi An with a local. It was m favourite day there by far! #vietnam #hoian #foodtour #food #foodie #vietnamesefood #banhxeo #banhmi #hoianfood #caolau #travel #traveller #travelpics #travelfood #traveldiary #tourist #trip #review #picoftheday #asia #travelblogger #summer #potd #photography #foodpics #localfood #amazingplaces #foodislife #happy #wanderer
View from our gaff 😍 #hoian #ilovevietnam #dontwannacomehome
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_ ランタン祭りで有名なHoi An🌟 これぞまさにフォトジェニック👏🏻💗 色々な柄があってどれも魅力的✨ #vietnam #hoian
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