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Who is for gender equality? 😏 If we can’t get behind the ethical and moral argument of keeping boys intact, we need to think of it in terms of sex. When reason and logic fail us, we should think with our genitals! 😜 Circumcision severs approximately 20,000 nerve endings. Can you imagine how incredible sex is going to be for your son (and his wife) if you leave his dick alone? We don’t cut our daughter’s foreskin because that would be considered mutilation. And yes, women have a foreskin! If you didn’t know that little fact, you lack basic knowledge of human anatomy and should really get up to speed before taking a knife to your son’s genitals. The male foreskin serves 16+ functions—it’s there for a reason! If you already cut your son and didn’t know this information, well, sucks for him. Poor little dude. Don’t you wish you had some annoying outspoken friend to share this with you before you dumb-assed out? Don’t beat yourself up. I’m sure if you apologize for cutting 20% of his dick off he’ll forgive you. 🙄 Keeping boys intact is becoming the new trend. If you are someone who decides to cut off body parts based what society does, you might want to consider that rates of circumcision are on the decline. I mean, it’s just an IDEA. You don’t have to do it just because everyone else is doing it. 😆 Keeping boys intact is the norm worldwide. But here in ‘Merica, we like to do stuff backwards! We think we are smarter than everyone when really, we are just too dumb to question this barbaric practice not realizing that is recommended simply as a matter of profits for the medical-industrial complex. The American Academy of Pediatrics doesn’t even recommend routine universal circumcision. It’s being done as a matter of money (and herd behavior). Couple hundred million in hospital stays, doctor compensation of another couple hundred million, and the kicker? The $1-$2 billion raked in annually from baby-penis-derived products. Yes, that’s a real thing. Gross, eh? Stop the gender bias. Men matter. Get informed. #hiswifewillthankyou #doitforthehappyendings #dontbedumb2017 #consciousness #intactivist #intact