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Happy Thanksgiving! Spending this week with Steven and his family and trying to do some vlogging. . What are you guys thankful for? I'm thankful for all the love I have in my life. (Cliche I know idc)
Just wanted to take a second and wish all of you a happy thanksgiving 🍁🍽I am extremely thankful for all of you! I never thought I would be able to say that I am a full time artist but because of all of you I can!! ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you so much to all of you who support, encourage & follow my adventure here at @foxlark ❤️
the most beautiful part about shattering to a billion pieces is that you can rebuild yourself in a new, better way. a way that is more you. a you that gives less fucks. 🥀 pain. tears. heartache. soulache. where are the lights? covered in loss, fear, separation and many sleepless nights. a battle within, to win my own fight, no escaping my skin, no end in sight until I found him and black turned to white. 🌷 I'm healing. and as I am, I'm discovering the full capacity of my heart. ❤ here are some key terms: deceit. lies. very hurtful lies. rejection. physical, mental and emotional abuse. a broken heart. a broken soul. broken trust. past trauma. present trauma. reopened old wounds. depression. absense of self-love. family problems. just to name a few. 💭 just so you have a rough idea of what has been on my plate for the last 5 weeks. I thought it's about time to share. I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much, to everyone who has been here for me and has helped me through this. I apologize for not being very active on Instagram (and everywhere else) at the moment, but I need to fully surrender to healing myself and getting my life back together at the moment. and it's slowly but surely working. 💫 I'm feeling better, I've been trying to incorporate healthy routines daily, I started using positive affirmations again and I've been doing a lot of inner work and I've been practicing forgiveness. 🖤 I'm endlessly thankful for those closest to me and the new unexpected magical sparks. I'm happy to tell you more about the process of dealing with hard times soon. I'm grateful for everything. I choose to embrace the mess I am. Always remember: "We are stars wrapped in skin, the light you are seeking has always been within." 🌟 #WrittenByKris #HealWithMe #Authenticity #Vulnerability #Honesty #Transparency #SelfLove
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I'm One with the sun ☀ (And one with the moon🌙)