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Mount Evans at sunrise in Sept. 2008. I remember this chilly & beautiful morning so clearly, I sat on the top of this mountain photographing the sunrise and talking to Jesus about my future. It was in this moment that I felt like He whispered Jer. 29:11 right into the crevices of my heart, and since then it's been those words that I go back to again and again when life seems uncertain or I am filled with anxiety. In my mind, I go back to this sunrise, on this mountain, and remember the One that is holding my future and His promise that He knows the plans, He's got my future, and I can rest. 💛
Bit t’ eat after guin brewery. Just av a gander at that view. Bloody smashin’ #yorkshire #yorkshireman #whiterose #godsowncountry #bradfield #pub #publunch #view #countryside #hills