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Don't get me wrong, I prefer racism up front and in my face not hidden behind sibliminal remarks, sheets, high ranking government officials and one sided laws, that way I can see people for who they really are. But the POTUS is making it a trend to think that hatred, violence and bigotry is okay. Even in the midst of events in Charlottesville, POTUS thought it was ok to tweet "Make America Great Again". Seems like he wants to make America hate again. If your color affords you privilege, silence is a cosign. Speak up and out. #endracism #POTUS #makeracismwrongagain #makeracismunacceptableagain #Fracism #resist #hewillnotdevideus
Sometimes we focus so hard on the things that try to divide us as a people, like job, relationships, money, positions, religion, inheritance, race, culture just to name a few. I believe we were designed to be different so we all could never live without eachother, but the things we do towards eachother makes it difficult for us to truly connect & this separate us in some awful ways. We know those things that scatter us as a people but we seem not to care. Today let's savage our relationship with eachother & forget about all those things that try to divide us. #goodmorningworld🌎 #morningthoughts💭 #letsforgetthosethingswhichdevidesus #hewillnotdevideus #letsconquerdivision #wecanmakethedifference #happywednesday