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Aqui você confere os tocos que estão na disputa do Toco do ano. Kristaps Porzingis - @nyknicksbrasil @nyknicksbr Kawhi Leonard - @Spurs__brasil Hassan Whiteside - @miamiheatbroficial @blockpartynba Qual foi o melhor? #Miami #Heat #Brasil #NBA #Basketball #Basquete #HeatNation #HeatIsOn #Block #Toco
Just the first week of Summer and we are already having extreme heat. I usually advise people this time of year to offer more shade and more bushy bushes to their animals enclosures. Add automatic misting systems that will keep the temperature much lower in the enclosures during the heat of the day. But also protect yourself and your children. Wear hats, drink extra water, don't leave your pets or your children in the car even for a minute. This heat kills people. If you know elderly people or people that are ill that don't have great air conditioning go check on them, take them to a movie or get them to a pool, it is time to cool off. #heatison #stickytonguefarms #minerall #vitall #chameleon #reptiles #exoticpets #chameleonlover #herpetology #reptilelover #staycool I miss my chameleons more than I can express. However I am not worried about a hundred animals cooking in this heat. And that is a stress in my daily life that is now eliminated. So focusing on the positive I don't have to worry about this heat today except for myself, my pup, and my cat, and that feels pretty good #theupside #nostress #noheadache
Tonight's the night! While many wonder who will bring home their first MVP, the candidates being: Russell; Westbrook; and Brodie. However, the battle for Coach of the Year is still up in the air, and many believe it's between D'Anontoni and Spoelstra, totally leaving out even the legendary Greg Popovich. Spo took an 11-30 Miami Heat team, with injuries, without many of the starters and role players from the year before, and brought them to a 30-11 turnaround, sparked by a huge winning streak at its beginning. Miami lost a virtual tie to the Bulls for the 8 seed, and now Spo hopes to become the first to win this award in a season where his team missed the playoffs. #HeatNation #HeatIsOn #LetsGoHeat #MiamiHeat #Heat #SPOachOfTheYear #CoachOfTheYear #ErikSpoelstra #NewMiami