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Death is only an illusion. We live forever #5thdimension #hearyourself #rockstar #iexist
Feeling adorbs and cozy in my first pair of coveralls😁😍 Winter hiking feels so much more accessible now! #twilighthike #favoritetimeofday #ruralqueer #getquiet #hearyourself #therapy #selfdialogue #showupforyourself #saveyourself #observation #bewithwhatis #thriftingwin
The Rising Strong Process 💪🏼 . I started Rising Strong last year but I never got into it... Sometimes you need the right storm to endure for something to fit and make sense. I'm happy to be able to hear what @brenebrown is speaking this time around . #risingstrong #fallandrise #getupagain #acknowledge #hearyourself #feelemotion #facedowninthearena #gethonest #integrate #liveyourstory #bewholehearted #reckon #rumble #revolution #makechange #ownyourstory #learn #transform #selfhelp #selfdiscovery #brenebrown
You can find the answers within yourself, you can also use tools like cards to help guide your inner knowing. Most important is to know that the answers you seek are inside of you. Learn to #hearyourself with #burnbrightacademy 🙌 #aligned #chakras #oraclecards
Today’s affirmation... Quiet the inner dialogue, the outside one, quiet everything around you and be attentive of everything around you. Pay attention to your surrounding and listen. #quiet #hearyourself #beattentive
#Sundays take the time today if you have it for some self care. BE and give yourself the permission .. it’s Sunday afterall. A day that can turn into what I like to call “Aggresively Chilling” a common New York attribute ,but all of us everywhere can have a hard time unwinding and really letting go. It really can become something we need to relearn and teach ourselves. Sometimes just sitting in a chair & being still is a good start .. pick a place you feel secure & relaxed in.. slowing down can then become it’s own meditation🙏🏻 Listen to your breath and feel the present moment, sun on a chair, the trees blowing outside, peoples voices in the distance. Just listen.. in this you might begin to actually hear yourself. Hang out with yourself & you may learn more than you knew before.. #sunday #chillvibes #relaxationtime #chillout #hearyourself #listen #alive #innerself #meditation
Protection by Massive Attack We all need protection sometimes, from ourselves, from others or just the world in general. I’m not talking about the kind of protection that is provided by someone else, or causes us to be guarded, ignore our feelings, get angry, or stop connecting with others. I am talking about a better kind, so that we can feel compassion, and feel protected at the same time. If you feel like you need some time away from people, places, behaviors or thoughts, it is important that you do that. Hearing our needs and respecting them, shows us that we respect ourselves. We begin to trust that we are in good hands, in our hands. By setting boundaries and sticking to them (most of the time), the trust we have in ourselves grows. By honoring ourselves, our inner strength builds and our personal power expands, and expands, and expands. When you are around someone without personal power, and you think you have to fix them, don’t. By making space and time to be with them, hearing them, just as they are, offering no more, they will see that they are heard and acknowledged, this alone is healing. This simple act of being there, describes not only how to help another, but how to help yourself - You can’t change the way she feels, but you can put your arms around her. Through periods of change we may feel like we have left our known self behind, in no man’s land. We can see those around us fully formed, full of power and ability, synchronicities are often for them, they flow like a river. For us, in this transition to feeling fully formed into our new self, we can only witness these acts of personal power. Choosing to see them from knowing eyes, knowing that we too will soon act in this state. With a discipline of hearing and honoring ourselves, we will form a better kind of protection. A compassionate power and true protection enabling us to really be ourselves and connect with each other, without fear of being hurt or giving a piece of ourselves away. Could you forgive yourself, if you left her here, just the way you found her….What if you were her, and you found yourself in need of a gentle ear, could you just hear?
В середине ноября в Гагре #несезон и #отсутствиелюдей И это было прекрасно. И хочется повторить. И обязательно. | #autumn in #abkhazia is even better than summer cause there is #absenceofpeople and you can #hearyourself
Listening to the man @garyvee spit 🔥🔥🔥 as usual! You don’t have to be in direct contact to get mentored. Choose what you follow wisely #mentorship #growthmindset #hustle #hearyourself #listentoyoursoul #betonyourself #believeinyourself #entrepreneurlifestyle #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship
Freedom is not about the size of your cage or power of your wings or non-attachment to a person or a thing. Freedom is about being so truly, madly and deeply attached to your own soul that you can’t bear- if only for a moment-a life that doesn’t honor it. #hearyourself #freespirit #freeyoursoul
You could also replace FREEDOM with LOVE or whichever feels like the opposite of fear to you. It's so important to understand WHY you make the choices you do and whether you're being driven by fear or not. Next time you need to make a decision, ask yourself; is fear is controlling my thoughts? My choices? KNOWLEDGE is power.
Stop for a few minutes 3 or 4 times a day to #hearyourself #pgsthemovie #noosa #fanforcefilms
My mornings ❤️ Just Talk with myself and have my products around me on my longsleep day.😋 Just 5 minutes. Stay calm and think about what you thankful for in your Life. And say it 😀👌. #thankfulness #morning #hearyourself #growing #positivehabits #mindset
Sometimes you need to sit lonely in a quiet room in order to hear your own voice and not let it drown in the noise of others. . #becalm #stillness #hearyourself #breathe #takeapauseinlife #takeabreak #aboutyesterday
These kind of people are worth their weight in gold ⚜️ #stayloyal #beyou #hearyourself #hearothers ⚖️💎
Self-sufficiency begins with hearing yourself, the following step is to accept what you hear 😂))) Самодостаточность начинается со "слышания" себя, следующий шаг это про принятие услышанного)) #selfsufficient #hearyourself #yoga #yogakiev #yogainenglishkiev #йогакиев #киев #happyme #beautifulsister #enjoyinglife
“Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise” - Sigmund Freud. “Ser completamente honesto con uno mismo es un buen ejercicio”. Image: @frankiefoto
All these years my self worth was defined by whether others approved of my actions and words or not. But my soul's awakening has made me come face to face with the absurdity of looking to others for confirmation. Acceptance. Encouragement. Acquiescence. As I begin to walk further into my soul, understanding my truth, I hear what it wants, better. Louder. Stronger. That is what my truth is. I learnt my lesson when two days back I was yearning for an answer for a question and I got a sign from the universe. My heart interpreted it but my old habit of wanting external validation took me to my guide and I asked her, "what do you think this meant?" And she said, "what I think is what I feel. You should trust what you feel. And what your intuition says." And then it hit me. My truth is always there. To guide me. The signs I see are the truth that I live. I see what I want to see. What my soul desires. The answers I get are the ones my heart knows already. I just need to listen better. Believe better. And that is why this walk within. With @twinflamehealing #selfvalidation #walkwithin #souljourney #selflove #awakening #ascension #hearyourself #yourtruth
Мой день всегда начинается с нескольких стаканов воды. Я так просыпаюсь, так просыпается всё моё тело. Причём это не приобретённая привычка из новомодных веяний ПП и ЗОЖ - я всегда была "водохлёбом"😁 И даже не семейная привычка - больше никто в семье не пьёт столько воды, как я. Это самая настоящая моя внутренняя потребность, моё истинное Я, можно сказать. В детстве дома стояла 40-литровая фляга с водой из колодца, а сверху - эмалированная литровая кружка. Проснувшись, я сначала зачерпывала половину этой кружки воды и выпивала не спеша, и только потом завтракала. Однажды мама в одной из книг про Анжелику прочитала, что та каждое утро начинала со стакана воды натощак - для красоты и здоровья, и потом долгое время каждое утро я выпивала свою воду под обязательные комментарии кого-либо из родителей, что буду красивая, как Анжелика, и стану Королевой👑🙌😄 Вот и сейчас, моё идеальное утро - это два стакана чистой воды комнатной температуры, не спеша, слушая себя, глядя в окно, может быть... потом чашка крепкого кофе 160 мл, изучая прогноз погоды... и ещё два стакана воды уже под новости... и только через час-полтора завтрак😋 А какое оно, ваше идеальное утро? #morning #ekaterinburg #sunnycat #water #life #lifestyle #lifeinwater #waterislife #health #hearyourself #urals #november
2 yoga classes in Bronzeville tonight. We are working on elemination...letting go what no longer serves us. Breathe, yoga, relax, meditate... your first class is our gift to you. Parking is free and community(sunghat) and tea after each class. 5:30-7pm and 7:45-9:15pm #kundaliniyoga #yogibhajan #gongprana #meditation #breathwork #loveyourself #hearyourself #sunghat
Give me a rainy day and a book - and I’m happy. 📚 Throughly appreciating my new schedule which gives me three set days off work each week! ✨ Time for appointments, longer workouts, a lunch date... or a rainy day like today, a little more time with my current read. 🦉📚🤓 🌀☕️🌀☕️🌀☕️🌀☕️🌀☕️🌀☕️🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀 #health #hearyourself #coffee #journal #wellness #healer #bethechange #transformation #clearing #shine #quantumwellness #madeira #coffeeshop #offday #yoga #ibendsoidontbreak #iam
🍂✨🍁✨🍂✨❤️☺️ #autumnmagic #enraptured #foragingqueer #getquiet #hearyourself
Я сейчас буду говорить очень непопулярные вещи! Не спешите отказываться от любви-зависимости! Со всех сторон нынче несётся волной "экспертное мнение", что любовь-зависимость это плохо, что если не можешь отказаться от любимого человека, то это не любовь вовсе, а жажда обладания! Сама этим грешна, каюсь. Но в погоне за высокодуховным, мы напрочь забываем о том, что мы не только дух и душа. Мы – души, в человеческом теле. И ничто земное не должно быть нам чуждо. Лучшие произведения искусства, головокружительные поступки и гении, которые переворачивали ход истории, - все они были рождены в такой любви-зависимости. Многое миру подарили twin flame, но это другая история. Да, в любви-зависимости мы затыкаем любимыми своим личные душевные дыры, помещаем их в самый эпицентр боли и в этот момент чувствуем эйфорию. Болеть-то перестало, хоть и на время. Да, в такой любви мы ходим как по лезвию бритвы, с ужасом думая, что любимый может ранить нас туда, куда сами даже боимся заглядывать. И, да, как правило нас именно туда и ранят. И тогда наше тело начинает исторгать такие волны душевной боли, что впору сводить счёты с жизнью. Но всё не так просто, как кажется. Проходя через эту боль, мы исцеляем свою личность. Мы становимся ближе к себе, как бы это странно не звучало. Любимый открывает ту дверь, за которой топчется потерянная часть души. И без боли здесь не обойтись. Возвращать утерянное больно. Вспомните сейчас свою любовь-боль. Уверена, что после невыносимого разрыва, вы стали значительно сильнее, выше, мудрее, целее. Назло, вопреки или во имя – какая разница? Вы росли. А чего стоит прикосновение любимого? Когда простое касание кончиками пальцев, вызывает эйфорию похлеще оргазма. Когда ты не можешь найти в себе силы прервать поцелуй. Когда секс становится каким-то межгалактическим путешествием. Конечно, нормально хотеть именно этого: тепла любимого тела! Нет, можно быть духовным и убеждать себя в том, что «никто никому не принадлежит», но собственные пальцы (сорри) не унесут тебя в космос, как бы хорошо ты себя не изучил. Продолжение ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
This is the shape of my ears 😂😂 yesterday's audiologist app was traumatising. Coughing and sneezing like a loon. About to send these off to Vancouver ...Excited to purchase a set of IEMS @64audio #1964ears #64audio #1964iem #singer #chesqua #protectyourhearing #hearyourself
I️ am learning what my rhythm is and not following the beat to someone else’s drum. I️ have gone in circles plenty of times listening to what people have wanted me to do and not what I’ve felt genuine about for myself. I️ ask that God guide my footsteps as I️ continue my journey. I️ am thankful for #day3✔️ #thehealingplace30daysofpositivitychallenge because I️ am striving to be better as a young woman so that those after me can know how to be themselves. . . . #boomerang #followtheleader #sike #doyou #individuals #music #snap #snapchatme #hearyourheart #hearyourvoice #hearyourself #beyourself #love #work #push #beaqueen👑 #woman #blackqueen #fall
A good reason to listen is to be a better team player. This benefits the whole team. Listening to others is a big step in communication. Listen to your coach or leader. Listen to your teammates. Listen to yourself. Day 10 in #goodlistener series #doccindy #empoweryourpath #youmakeithappen #activelistening #listenbetter #listentolisten #listentoyourself #hearyourself #hearyou #communication #teammates #coach #team
Getting demotivated or baffled from what others say is a sign of weakness. We cannot change everyone’s mindset but can definitely set our minds in the direction we want to. Live your life the way you like to. Don’t let external forces remold your dreams. Also, check link in the bio. New blog post. . . . . . #motivation #motivational #yourquote #hearyourself #quote #isolation #writersofinstagram #writer @wordables @inscribb
One of the biggest reason to listen is to hear yourself. Understanding how you sound to others is a big step in communication. Listen to yourself. Day 9 in #goodlistener series #doccindy #empoweryourpath #youmakeithappen #activelistening #listenbetter #listentolisten #listentoyourself #hearyourself #hearyou #communication
Вот уже несколько лет у нас с Лешей на заставках в телефоне почти всегда стоят фотографии ночного неба) я рисую не только космические картинки, но это же космос!!! 😅 #atr #universe #watercolours #stars #light #hearyourself
Listen to your voice and your instincts. You have an amazing ability to move through the universe if only you would listen to your inner navigation. • We spend so much time listening others, and often those others are convincing us to ignore ourselves and our voices. • I say listen to our children because nobody listened to us. Now we have to listen to ourselves and teach them to do the same. • Or we will spend our entire lives living someone else’s life, listening to someone else, or many someone else’s. • And we will have everyone convinced it is what we want, that we are happy. • Listen to your instincts • #instincts #listentoyourself #hearyourself #loveyourself #selflove #healing #pain #metoo #strength #innerstrength #innervoice #strongwomen #strongwomenraisestrongwomen #womensupportingwomen #lifteachotherup #community #wahm #urbanmom #urbanmama #mompreneur #femmeunfiltered
➡How do you handle emotional food and #bingeeating? The food of anxiety, joy, anger, and sorrow?🤔🍴 This insidious subconscious thought, the intense craving and the inability to do anything else at that moment.This #drug. It has it's cause, you know. Whether you eat •subconsciously, or • emotionally, or simply because of • chronic lack, the one who will help you, is yourself. Having an eating disorder or being on #recovery means all of the below cases. Neither you don't know why it happens. So when you have overcome every limit and you think you have "exaggerated" again, or that you didn't managed it "again" ... just give #love to yourself. What didn't you managed? Your race, control and discipline? Is this real life? No. Your body is the best necessity judge. It will tell you what you need and you will hear it. You just will! Strength.💪 Goodnight🌸✨ ________________________________________________ ➡Πώς διαχειρίζεστε το συναισθηματικό φαγητό; Το φαγητό άγχους, χαράς, θυμού, και στεναχώριας;🤔🍴 Αυτή η ύπουλη υποσυνείδητη σκέψη, η έντονη λαιμαργία και η αδυναμία να κάνεις οτιδήποτε άλλο εκείνη την στιγμή. Αυτό το ναρκωτικό. Έχει και αυτό την αιτία του, ξέρεις. Είτε τρως •υποσυνείδητα, είτε •συναισθηματικά, είτε απλώς λόγω •χρόνιας στέρησης, αυτός που θα σε βοηθήσει είναι ο εαυτός σου. Μετά από σοβαρή διατροφική διαταραχή δυστυχώς συμβαίνουν και τα 3 κατά την φάση προσπάθειας θεραπείας, όσο και κατά την διατροφική διαταραχή. Ούτε εσύ ο ίδιος ξέρεις τελικά το γιατί. Όταν λοιπόν έχεις ξεπεράσει κάθε όριο και θεωρείς ότι έχεις "πάλι" υπερβάλλει, ότι "πάλι" δεν τα κατάφερες.. απλώς δώσε αγάπη στον εαυτό σου. Τι δεν κατάφερες; Τον αγώνα δρόμου, ελέγχου και πειθαρχίας σου; Αυτό είναι πραγματική ζωή; Όχι. Το σώμα σου είναι ο καλύτερος κριτής αναγκών. Αυτό θα σου πει τι χρειάζεται και εσύ θα το ακούσεις. Απλώς θα το κάνεις! Δύναμη.💪 Καληνύχτα! 🌸✨ • • #hearyourself #cravings #healthycommunity #bingeeating #healthymind #loveyourself #healthybody #healthyfoodie #fooddiary #instafood #skg #recovery #ed #cleaneating
Caught in a storm today. Gathering persimmons in the downpour, glorious! 🌧🌿😁💜 #foragingqueer #persimmonseason #playful #curious #enamored #beyourownbeloved #getquiet #hearyourself
❤️✨E m o t i o n s & E s s e n t i a l O i l s ✨❤️ . . It's so important to feel, just to feel about something and acknowledging why you are feeling . . ❤️Tapping into my emotions and actually understanding what the heck they are and where they're coming from has proven to be a challenge for me. Luckily, since having this book and oils, I have been brought to a level of consciousness towards my emotional wellbeing, more than I ever have. . . ✨Instilling in our children how important emotional well-being is has a great importance for our next generation - imagine being conscious of everything you feel, most importantly, how you feel about yourself and then towards those around you and getting clarity from just consciously thinking and actually feeling the feeling that we are meant to feel rather than disregarding it - wow.. it's a healer for many problems don't you agree?! . . So... I have created a fun activity around our selection of oils in our diffuser everyday using this great 'Emotions and essential oils' guide! 1. Each member of the family flicks through the book and then randomly stops to see what the universe is calling out to them . 2. Each member is read the emotional connection the oil has . 3. The oil is then inhaled deeply and then applied topically on the recommended area of the body . 4. Finally, add approx. 3 drops of each oil into our diffuser and let the aromatic divinity take place 😍 . Try this out its Great fun! Always with love, Rana ❤️ . . #justfeel #itsoktonotbeok #itsoktofeel #acknowledgeyourfeelings #hearyourself #loveyourselfmorerthanmore #getfeeling #getjiggywithfeeling #hearyourheartbeat #fuckdepression #youarealive #oilsdoittoyou #empoweryourself #empoweryourchildren #listenandteachfeeling
"Ain't kind no more". Coming out Soon. #hustleforgreatness #fightforrespect #ListenToLove #hearYourself.
What do you think of when the word Yoga comes up? Is it postures? Is it stretching? Is it breathing? Is it quieting your mind? . . Yoga is many different things. And at different times in our lives we need different things. This is the beauty of yoga. It is space for you to quiet your mind and listen in to hear what you need most. . . Join me on Monday from 12:00-12:50 @oneyogask to stretch, breathe, move, and listen in. #oneyogasaskatoon #yoga #noon #move #listen #breathe #beyourself #findyourself #hearyourself
Becoming a new parent often comes with a wave of unsolicited advice! Some useful.... some not so much! And it's amazing how many people are ready to give there well meaning advice. In person, on social media, a colleague ect. One of the biggest things that set me up for overwhelm was taking on to much advice when I was faced with a problem. My biggest piece of "advice" for any new Mumma is to "hear" the "advice" of others but only "listen" to what YOUR intuition tells you! It's a confusing world out there and it's all to easy to lose touch with your own sense of self. Thanks @brenebrown for your wisdom! #ownitmumma #ownit #listen #hearyourself #listentoyourgut #advice #instamum #mums
My intention for every client. But sooner than "someday." And don't know who "yourself" is? It's okay, most don't. Luckily it's all inside- we just need to get safe, reconnect, remember, reacquaint, give it permission to come fully forward. Simple, but it ain't easy... Getting back to your true nature, your "authentic self," what you came here to be...whatever you call it, it's all in there. And we hold space and give you ways to access it here. You've got this...💪🏼🙌🏾❤🙏🐺💕Thank you, @recovery_is_possible_xiii for the post. #wehearhere #wehealhere #authenticself #listen #hearyourself #balancematters #thebodylistener #healing #reconnection #trauma