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Вот уже несколько лет у нас с Лешей на заставках в телефоне почти всегда стоят фотографии ночного неба) я рисую не только космические картинки, но это же космос!!! 😅 #atr #universe #watercolours #stars #light #hearyourself
Listen to your voice and your instincts. You have an amazing ability to move through the universe if only you would listen to your inner navigation. • We spend so much time listening others, and often those others are convincing us to ignore ourselves and our voices. • I say listen to our children because nobody listened to us. Now we have to listen to ourselves and teach them to do the same. • Or we will spend our entire lives living someone else’s life, listening to someone else, or many someone else’s. • And we will have everyone convinced it is what we want, that we are happy. • Listen to your instincts • #instincts #listentoyourself #hearyourself #loveyourself #selflove #healing #pain #metoo #strength #innerstrength #innervoice #strongwomen #strongwomenraisestrongwomen #womensupportingwomen #lifteachotherup #community #wahm #urbanmom #urbanmama #mompreneur #femmeunfiltered
➡How do you handle emotional food and #bingeeating? The food of anxiety, joy, anger, and sorrow?🤔🍴 This insidious subconscious thought, the intense craving and the inability to do anything else at that moment.This #drug. It has it's cause, you know. Whether you eat •subconsciously, or • emotionally, or simply because of • chronic lack, the one who will help you, is yourself. Having an eating disorder or being on #recovery means all of the below cases. Neither you don't know why it happens. So when you have overcome every limit and you think you have "exaggerated" again, or that you didn't managed it "again" ... just give #love to yourself. What didn't you managed? Your race, control and discipline? Is this real life? No. Your body is the best necessity judge. It will tell you what you need and you will hear it. You just will! Strength.💪 Goodnight🌸✨ ________________________________________________ ➡Πώς διαχειρίζεστε το συναισθηματικό φαγητό; Το φαγητό άγχους, χαράς, θυμού, και στεναχώριας;🤔🍴 Αυτή η ύπουλη υποσυνείδητη σκέψη, η έντονη λαιμαργία και η αδυναμία να κάνεις οτιδήποτε άλλο εκείνη την στιγμή. Αυτό το ναρκωτικό. Έχει και αυτό την αιτία του, ξέρεις. Είτε τρως •υποσυνείδητα, είτε •συναισθηματικά, είτε απλώς λόγω •χρόνιας στέρησης, αυτός που θα σε βοηθήσει είναι ο εαυτός σου. Μετά από σοβαρή διατροφική διαταραχή δυστυχώς συμβαίνουν και τα 3 κατά την φάση προσπάθειας θεραπείας, όσο και κατά την διατροφική διαταραχή. Ούτε εσύ ο ίδιος ξέρεις τελικά το γιατί. Όταν λοιπόν έχεις ξεπεράσει κάθε όριο και θεωρείς ότι έχεις "πάλι" υπερβάλλει, ότι "πάλι" δεν τα κατάφερες.. απλώς δώσε αγάπη στον εαυτό σου. Τι δεν κατάφερες; Τον αγώνα δρόμου, ελέγχου και πειθαρχίας σου; Αυτό είναι πραγματική ζωή; Όχι. Το σώμα σου είναι ο καλύτερος κριτής αναγκών. Αυτό θα σου πει τι χρειάζεται και εσύ θα το ακούσεις. Απλώς θα το κάνεις! Δύναμη.💪 Καληνύχτα! 🌸✨ • • #hearyourself #cravings #healthycommunity #bingeeating #healthymind #loveyourself #healthybody #healthyfoodie #fooddiary #instafood #skg #recovery #ed #cleaneating
Caught in a storm today. Gathering persimmons in the downpour, glorious! 🌧🌿😁💜 #foragingqueer #persimmonseason #playful #curious #enamored #beyourownbeloved #getquiet #hearyourself
❤️✨E m o t i o n s & E s s e n t i a l O i l s ✨❤️ . . It's so important to feel, just to feel about something and acknowledging why you are feeling . . ❤️Tapping into my emotions and actually understanding what the heck they are and where they're coming from has proven to be a challenge for me. Luckily, since having this book and oils, I have been brought to a level of consciousness towards my emotional wellbeing, more than I ever have. . . ✨Instilling in our children how important emotional well-being is has a great importance for our next generation - imagine being conscious of everything you feel, most importantly, how you feel about yourself and then towards those around you and getting clarity from just consciously thinking and actually feeling the feeling that we are meant to feel rather than disregarding it - wow.. it's a healer for many problems don't you agree?! . . So... I have created a fun activity around our selection of oils in our diffuser everyday using this great 'Emotions and essential oils' guide! 1. Each member of the family flicks through the book and then randomly stops to see what the universe is calling out to them . 2. Each member is read the emotional connection the oil has . 3. The oil is then inhaled deeply and then applied topically on the recommended area of the body . 4. Finally, add approx. 3 drops of each oil into our diffuser and let the aromatic divinity take place 😍 . Try this out its Great fun! Always with love, Rana ❤️ . . #justfeel #itsoktonotbeok #itsoktofeel #acknowledgeyourfeelings #hearyourself #loveyourselfmorerthanmore #getfeeling #getjiggywithfeeling #hearyourheartbeat #fuckdepression #youarealive #oilsdoittoyou #empoweryourself #empoweryourchildren #listenandteachfeeling
"Ain't kind no more". Coming out Soon. #hustleforgreatness #fightforrespect #ListenToLove #hearYourself.
What do you think of when the word Yoga comes up? Is it postures? Is it stretching? Is it breathing? Is it quieting your mind? . . Yoga is many different things. And at different times in our lives we need different things. This is the beauty of yoga. It is space for you to quiet your mind and listen in to hear what you need most. . . Join me on Monday from 12:00-12:50 @oneyogask to stretch, breathe, move, and listen in. #oneyogasaskatoon #yoga #noon #move #listen #breathe #beyourself #findyourself #hearyourself
Becoming a new parent often comes with a wave of unsolicited advice! Some useful.... some not so much! And it's amazing how many people are ready to give there well meaning advice. In person, on social media, a colleague ect. One of the biggest things that set me up for overwhelm was taking on to much advice when I was faced with a problem. My biggest piece of "advice" for any new Mumma is to "hear" the "advice" of others but only "listen" to what YOUR intuition tells you! It's a confusing world out there and it's all to easy to lose touch with your own sense of self. Thanks @brenebrown for your wisdom! #ownitmumma #ownit #listen #hearyourself #listentoyourgut #advice #instamum #mums
Listen to the earth . . . #ink #dailypic #sketchbook #discoverearth #hearyourself #hear not really a #haiku
My intention for every client. But sooner than "someday." And don't know who "yourself" is? It's okay, most don't. Luckily it's all inside- we just need to get safe, reconnect, remember, reacquaint, give it permission to come fully forward. Simple, but it ain't easy... Getting back to your true nature, your "authentic self," what you came here to be...whatever you call it, it's all in there. And we hold space and give you ways to access it here. You've got this...💪🏼🙌🏾❤🙏🐺💕Thank you, @recovery_is_possible_xiii for the post. #wehearhere #wehealhere #authenticself #listen #hearyourself #balancematters #thebodylistener #healing #reconnection #trauma
👂 Remember what your tell yourself, you hear and respond too sooo keep it positive 💞 This is something I always remind my clients ... negative self talk breeds negative self image, decreased self esteem and confidence! Point out the positives and you'll view yourself and the situation in a new 💡 I always like to end my sessions with positive vibes and encouragement to allow the client to continue their therapy and gain a sense of self belief and achievement ⭐️ thanks you @positivebodyimage love this! #crazyforot #blogger #positiveenergy #staypositive #hearyourself #mentalhealth #occupationatherapy