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My girls called me and told me we were going to chili's and I was like awesome 馃榿 so while we were there my friends didn't warn me our waiter was behind me so I straight up was like "he told me I wasn't doing it right!" and the waiter was like "sorry bad timing" and I was like oh my god this dude probably thinks I'm a hoe now 馃槀馃槀 and I just died laughing 馃槀 then when our food was brought out a different guy presented me with a burger and I was like uh that's not mine and he's like oh what'd you get and I was like salmon? And he's like oh my god I'm sorry and then our waitor comes out and is like I'm so sorry! I was writing fast and I guess I was like yup she wants a burger! I was like it's totally fine then he leaves for a little bit and comes back as soon as my friend was like "you don't get food cuz you a whore" and in my head I'm like 馃槀馃槀 this poor waitor 鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍 #recoverywarrior #anorex矛arecovery #strongnotskinny #healthyoverskinny #fuckanorexia #fuckeatingdisorders #prorecovery #recovery #recoveryisworthit #foodisfuel #wewillrecover #fightforlife #edwarrior #edsoilder
I鈥檓 a huge believer in self-development and forever growing and improving, not because I don鈥檛 love me but because I DO love me, ya feel me? 馃挭馃徏 - - - - The holiday season is upon us which means New Years is right around the corner. I have decided to host TWO online support groups to help you with your healthy resolutions starting on January 1st. Group A will be for people who have attempted to lose weight, exercise, and/or improve their overall wellness but have trouble committing. Group B will be for those who already have the fundamentals down pat and are ready to take their health and fitness to the next level! Comment below and let me know which group you鈥檙e interested in and feel free to suggest to others. I am looking forward to making 2018 your best year yet鉂o笍
I was scrolling through pinterest and while reading this it really hit home. I don't notice flaws about people.. sometimes I actually have loved parts of someone that they were extremely self conscious about so why does it automatically change when you look at yourself and think "omg Im going to get judged over something I can not control" .. It doesn't change. You're not an exception. Like we are still people just like everyone else. It's kinda like what you hate about yourself someone else loves. I think we as people just put so much focus on the outer appearance of things and are afraid of others criticizing us. We forget that the imperfect is actually quite perfect. If you think about it...the personality of a person makes a person attractive. Before I've known some people I've never had an opinion about them. They were just kinda there but when you get to know a person and they have this amazing personality it's like oh my god this person is fucking beautiful/handsome like Jesus christ how has this never been noticed before. Not everyone has to think you're great in order to be great though 鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍 #recoverywarrior #anorex矛arecovery #strongnotskinny #healthyoverskinny #fuckanorexia #fuckeatingdisorders #prorecovery #recovery #recoveryisworthit #foodisfuel #wewillrecover #fightforlife #edwarrior #edsoilder
Something I've learned over the last couple years and really took to heart is what 'diet' really means. This topic comes to mind because the other day my roommate decided to go on a diet to lose weight. (mind you one of the restrictive ones like a smoothie for breakfast and soup for dinner) To me, a diet is part of a person's lifestyle. It's not something to be done for a month just to achieve an ungodly amount of weight loss in an unrealistic amount of time. (i.e a liquid diet, which is what my roomie is attempting) With that being said, I believe a diet should be something that you are able to achieve for your entire life HEALTHILY, meaning getting the right amount of nutrients and maintaining an appropriate amount of weight for the body you have. A diet shouldn't consist of sacrificing your favorite foods or your happiness. A diet shouldn't inhibit one's ability to enjoy life at all. It shouldn't be something you have to consciously think about 24/7 just to maintain it. That being said, everyone has a different way of eating and that's perfectly OK. The diets I do support are veganism, vegetarianism, pescatarianism, eating meat, etc. Why? Because these are all diets that are realistic and maintainable. There is no 'right' way to nourish yourself. The way a person chooses to eat should make that person happy (one that is healthy! Not disordered!") if someone thinks one lifestyle works better for them than another.... fucking great! They should embrace that! If a way of eating brings satisfaction to your life then do it and whoever criticizes you can screw off. Im a pescatarian. I do not give a flying fuck if my friends eat chicken, beef, turkey, etc. I don't give a flying fuck if others are vegan (like more power to them! Mad support!!) I will never force my way of living on someone else nor should someone feel the need to do that to another because everyone is different and if anything it's just another thing that contributes to what makes them unique. There is no perfect diet! Embrace a lifestyle you love. 鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍 #recoverywarrior #anorex矛arecovery #strongnotskinny #healthyoverskinny #fuckanorexia #fuckeatingdisorders
It鈥檚 days like today that I鈥檓 most grateful for my messy home 鈥済ym鈥! No way would I wanna drive to a gym in this damn cold! No way would I wanna touch the machines touched by sick people who refuse to stay home. I am not knocking the gym at all! I was a gym rat a long time ago! But at this stage in my life and in this season, that just doesn鈥檛 work for me. I don鈥檛 have to comb my hair ( #sorrynotsorry), I don鈥檛 even have to change my tshirt, which I slept in last night! 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檧锔忦煒 I鈥檓 a bit antisocial these days too, so I don鈥檛 really wanna see a bunch of people getting sweaty either! I don鈥檛 have to load and unload kids into and out of my car to put them in the gym daycare. I鈥檇 rather workout at nap time or in between. Just my personal preference these days. I鈥檓 curious though, have you tried working out at home before? How did it go? Or do you just prefer the gym, and why? . . . . . . . . . . . . #myhealthandfitnessjourney #homeworkouts #postpartumjourney #diastasisrecti #workoutathome #sahmfitness #healthybodyhealthymind #fitmomlife #healthjourney #mombod #bodylove #strongmama #bodyafterbaby #healthyoverskinny #lovethyself #toughmama #strongmomma #fitmamas #momstrong #uplift #morningsweat #happynotskinny #healthyforme #ificandoitsocanyou #powdersprings #powderspringsga #gamom #gagetsfit
馃崜Food is not the enemy 馃崒 Mini & messy; Chia Berry smoothie bowl馃ゥ Made with Almond milk, frozen bananas, frozen strawberries, and some fresh blueberries (because silly Des forgot to freeze them) and almond slices. #holisticnutritionist #nutrition #holisticworld #wellness #health #healthyoverskinny #organic #saynotogmo #healthyselfhealthyself #messy #smoothiebowl #mini #breakfast #goodmorning #googlepixel #photography #strawberries #banana #chia #almonds #wicca #greenwitch #plantpowered #workhard #motivation #inspire #selflove #selfcare #edwarrior #recover
Lots of walking today while out and about doing some last minute Christmas shopping. Usually I have a few treats throughout the weekends but I thought why not today instead. Still kept my water intake up though, calves are a little tense from stairs training yesterday but nothing a good ol' roll out on the foam roller won't fix tonight at the gym 馃槈 PT tomorrow! #healthyoverskinny #progressnotperfection #dizzofitness #positivebodyimage #thedizzochallenge2017 #gainzbethejourney #liftanduplift #polyfitness #motivateandinspire #fat2fit #flab2fab #goals #myhappyplace #sunsoutgunsout #weightloss #fatloss #burningcalories #weightlossjourney #fatlossjourney #fitnessmotivation #weightlossmotivation #creatinghealthyhabits #mindovermatter #nourishyourbody #healthierchoices #notadietbutalifestyle #bodyconfidence
TW!!!! BODY CHECKING I went to the movies with a friend and stupidly got a milkshake I didn't need. This is probably why I'm gaining so much fucking weight. Like Jesus christ why the hell can't I just eat without relentless guilt!? How do people just eat whatever they want to without a second thought. I don't think it was a good idea to eat this.. I didn't need it.. I didn't need the calories and I feel them stitching themselves to my body already.. I used to look so good.. Then I went to fucking College and it ruined everything and I'm so upset.. I just wanna cry because I don't look how I did back in August and it's probably because I think it's ok to eat a ton :( I don't wanna do this anymore. 鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍 #recoverywarrior #anorex矛arecovery #strongnotskinny #healthyoverskinny #fuckanorexia #fuckeatingdisorders #prorecovery #recovery #recoveryisworthit #foodisfuel #wewillrecover #fightforlife #edwarrior #edsoilder
h a p p y f r i d a y. 馃拫 . Weekend is nearly here and with my gorgeous sister arriving with my nephews, and lots of Christmas things planned, there鈥檚 lots to look forward to (Inc. chatting about our new business venture)!! Have a great day all! 馃ぉ #happyfriday . #justme #nofilterselfie #allnaturalbeauty #lovemyfamily #fridayfeeling #weekendvibes #bbloggers #fbloggers #lbloggers #pout #poutylips . . . #instagood #picoftheday #thehappynow #inspiremyinstagram #littlestoriesofmylife #lifecloseup #myhappycapture #fitness #fitforlife #healthyoverskinny #myfitnessjourney #fitnessbloggers #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgoals #fitnessbody #fitstagram #fitspo #fitspiration
p a r k u p & p a i n t. 馃拝馃徏 . If the only quiet 5 mins you get to paint your nails is when you鈥檝e parked up at work, then so be it! Anyone that knows me knows I CANNOT stand chipped polish!! #nailedit . Nail polish: Pillarbox @no7uk . #beauty #nails #bbloggers #fbloggers #lbloggers . . . #instagood #picoftheday #photooftheday #thehappynow #inspiremyinstagram #littlestoriesofmylife #lifecloseup #myhappycapture #fitness #fitforlife #healthyoverskinny #myfitnessjourney #fitnessbloggers #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgoals #fitnessbody #fitstagram #fitspo #fitspiration
I went grocery shopping with my parents today so I would have food I liked for the time I'm here and I don't remember the last time I've had so much anxiety in a grocery store. I felt like crying because all I put in the cart was yogurt, bananas, and kind bars then told my mom I could find something for dinners at home (since they eat meat in like every meal I don't eat the same thing they do) I was honestly embarrassed by the reality of the only things I've been putting in my body for the past week or two but I wouldn't be able to tell my mom that, I wouldn't be able to watch her face fall. I did good today though. I made myself an omelet this morning then I had two bowls of cereal with real milk and now this dinner which also had butter in it. 鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍 #recoverywarrior #anorex矛arecovery #strongnotskinny #healthyoverskinny #fuckanorexia #fuckeatingdisorders #prorecovery #recovery #recoveryisworthit #foodisfuel #wewillrecover #fightforlife #edwarrior #edsoilder
After multiple breakdowns and wanting to drop out of college I did it! This girl has finished her first semester of college!! I'm home now!!! I am honestly a little annoyed though, I don't have a room here anymore because my stepsister took it so I sleep on the couch. I don't have my own space anymore :/ I mean it didn't matter at first because I was barely here when I visited. I was with my man lol. It just kinda sucks ya know? When I come home it's like reality hits me. I get so homesick and then I'm like oh yeah I fucking hate living here the only reason it was tolerable before was because of a guy. 鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍 #recoverywarrior #anorex矛arecovery #strongnotskinny #healthyoverskinny #fuckanorexia #fuckeatingdisorders #prorecovery #recovery #recoveryisworthit #foodisfuel #wewillrecover #fightforlife #edwarrior #edsoilder
It鈥檚 taken me like 12 weeks to get to the point where I can do these moves (bird dog something or other!!)... and that鈥檚 perfectly fine. AND this is STILL the modified move!! But I will tell you why I don鈥檛 rush or beat myself up about not being able to do a particular move: I am not as fit as the people in the videos, including the modifer, and I鈥檓 perfectly ok with that! I go at my own pace, taking into account my limitations, but push myself when I can. . . My push ups are still weak, but if I go back to where I started THIS is huge progress. I have always been afraid of doing push-ups on my toes, not realizing that it was ok to do them on my knees and work my way up! You see, progress is progress no matter how little it may seem. Had I given up a few months ago because I couldn鈥檛 do push-ups on my toes, I wouldn鈥檛 be where I am now....confident enough to do as many as I can handle on my toes and move back to knees if I need to! . . Just because I work out consistently doesn鈥檛 mean I鈥檓 perfect, or that I love every workout. It just means I鈥檝e learned to push through some of my mental blocks and take small steps forward. Every small win gives me more motivation to keep trying, and that鈥檚 part of the fuel that lights my fire.
Nepean Lane done & dusted for my Thursday evening 馃槬 so much harder when it's been a while. Time and time again I say i'll add it back into my weekly routine but I always end up going to the gym. I always prefer outdoor training to indoor gym trainings but it's just so much more convenient for me time wise as well as weather wise specially now that summer is here. 馃挜 #healthyoverskinny #progressnotperfection #dizzofitness #positivebodyimage #thedizzochallenge2017 #gainzbethejourney #liftanduplift #polyfitness #motivateandinspire #fat2fit #flab2fab #goals #myhappyplace #sunsoutgunsout #weightloss #fatloss #burningcalories #weightlossjourney #fatlossjourney #fitnessmotivation #nepeanlane #stairstraining #weightlossmotivation #creatinghealthyhabits #mindovermatter #nourishyourbody #healthierchoices #notadietbutalifestyle #bodyconfidence
Repeat after me... Obsession over outcome is very different than focusing on progress. I am down with my curves if I am working on my health. I am all about confidence if it means that I accept imperfection. I am totally with becoming the beat version of myself. I鈥檓 not the right fit for you as a coach if you seek quick fixes and fads. Sometimes I鈥檓 going make the process of change less than fun. Sometimes it will be so fun your will forget you took a scary leap of faith. But my goal is to help you find the best version of yourself. I have the toolkit. I have the experience. But it鈥檚 up to you to believe you鈥檙e worth it. 馃挏 Reach out. Rooting for you. #obsessedwithbecomingapriority
Pilates for Day 3- and thank God, The stretch was AMAZING!! A bit uncoordinated with the resistance band- BUT I did my best! I was asked "Why do you workout?" There are two main reasons why I workout- 1. I can't function until I've done a workout, its like a stay in a fog until I gets it done. See, it takes me a while to actually wake even though I'm awake. I can still function but it feels like I'm trapped in this fog of still wanting to stay in bed because it's cold and I'm sore. I become irritable, annoyed, and like I'm not going fast enough. Every thing is going normal speed, but its like I can't catch up. When I do workout, I feel amazing. Mentally I'm more prepared to take on my day, I even have a little more patience. I'm not stressed out, I have more clarity and function more efficiently because I'm awake..... like REALLY AWAKE. Almost like a super hero... lol. 2. I want to be healthy. My definition of healthy has definitely changed - it went from being "I want to be skinny" to "I want muscles- sexy muscles!!! I'm now doing an extreme workout program- My MMA results are soon to come. 馃榿 By refocusing to just being healthy, I can see that I'm developing biceps, triceps and abs! My legs have muscles definition and the strength is incredible!!! I'm looking for the size healthy, the size of encouragement, and thr size of confidence, the size of me . This only comes from pushing each workout, no matter how sore I am. y'all have to see me at work sometime- HA! I still have more to go, but I'm gaining strength and empowerment along the way. These are why I workout, why do You? #fitnessisajourney #healthyoverskinny #WorldChangerFitness
Move of the day! Shuffle with a floor side tap鉂o笍 - - - How are you staying active today?
馃幃You've reached level 19馃幃 I really wish I could say these cookies I made are magical & healthy & organic but ummm...馃槄 PURE SUGAR & TOXINS!!! But life's all about healthy balance so it's okay to cheat馃構 Anyway... HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY DARLING 馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏 I love you soooo much & I hope you had an amazing day today 馃挒 In just 2 years you went from that kid I saw in the hallway every now and then to the guy I stayed up all night talking to, the guy I trusted with everything, to the first kind boyfriend I've ever had, and most importantly you became my best friend. I'm so so grateful that our paths crossed. I couldn't imagine my life without your corny jokes and horrible pick up lines馃槀 馃槏馃槝 #happybirthday #mylove #19thbirthday #boyfriend #myeverything #presents #supermariobrothers #cookies #baking #nintendo #pokemon #shadowofwar #ps4 #happiness #holisticnutritionist #nutrition #loveyourself #loveandlight #enjoy #food #healthyselfhealthyself #healthyoverskinny #christmastree #snowdays
Life鈥檚 a journey where the only expectations that REALLY count are the ones you set for yourself. There will always be obstacles. There will always be detractors. Your mind will play tricks on you and tell you you鈥檙e not cut out for this. Give up and go back to your comfort zone. You have a choice to make, give up or keep pushing. You won鈥檛 always feel like pushing, and you鈥檒l have days when you鈥檒l flat out give up. But then the mind quiets and the body adapts and you think you鈥檝e made it! But you know there鈥檚 no end! So you keep going and it becomes a habit.... and then a necessity...and maybe even a non negotiable! You look back at where you started and it feels like that was years ago. One year (Dec. 10th!) has flown by, but the progress has felt SLOW! But remember the story of the tortoise and the hare?? He won by his determination and consistency. He didn鈥檛 try the easy way out. He didn鈥檛 cheat! He just kept going! The hardest part is ALWAYS the start! But if you don鈥檛 start you won鈥檛 know what you鈥檙e capable of. One whole year and 10 workout programs, and it feels like a lifetime! I may have lost weight, BUT I鈥檝e GAINED life back! I do this for my health! And with 2018 literally around the corner, I鈥檓 REALLY READY to get totally #obsessed with improving my life...my health, my family, my business! Accountability, support, and encouragement, keeping an open mind and learning about nutrition have been key for me in this journey. I wholeheartedly believe taking care of yourself FIRST will allow you to care for those around you. OBSESSIVELY loving yourself first! So don鈥檛 put off taking care of yourself. Definitely don鈥檛 wait until the new year! Message me and we can chat about your goals and get you started on your health journey before the year ends! You鈥檙e worth it, so be #obsessed with yourself! #transformationtuesday
Unfortunately it's not my quest bars getting me through finals but clif bars are the side hoe so I'll take the second best 馃榿 鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍 #recoverywarrior #anorex矛arecovery #strongnotskinny #healthyoverskinny #fuckanorexia #fuckeatingdisorders #prorecovery #recovery #recoveryisworthit #foodisfuel #wewillrecover #fightforlife #edwarrior #edsoilder
"If the demands of your job or life require you to learn fast, deal with stress, be alert, pay attention, remember important things, and keep a positive mood, then you must take exercise more seriously." Mic drop by Brendon Burchard! I think I took this quote to heart today! Hit the weights hard and heavy. The looks on my face say it all! Some days I鈥檓 extremely lazy and don鈥檛 wanna do my workouts (thank you accountability groups for the motivation!) but other days I have all the motivation and energy for it. I鈥檓 not sure why that is! One thing I do know is that today I woke up excited because we had an amazing announcement on our team call last night! We get to be a part of a coach test group for the brand new program that launches on January 15th! I am extra nervous and excited! It鈥檚 a program that will take my fitness to the next level IF I put in the work! I am mostly nervous because the nutrition component is totally different from what I鈥檝e ever done, and it鈥檚 not a 30 minute a day program 馃う馃徎鈥嶁檧锔忦煠佛煆烩嶁檧锔! I am guilty of only picking 30 minutes or less programs using the excuse that the twins don鈥檛 let me do anything longer. Well now I need to prove to myself that I can do more than 30 minutes, AND take care of myself properly after the tough workouts. Being part of the test group will be no joke, and I am up for the challenge! I am ready to get in the best shape of my life right before my 37th birthday 馃檲馃巶 in April! The program is 80 days long (YES that鈥檚 not a typo!), 6 days a week, January 14-April 15....my actual birthday! I am really really ready to be #obsessed with being fit, healthy, and happy. 2018 is gonna start with a 馃挜!! I have 5 open spots in my next challenge and accountability group! My team and I will help you get out of your rut, break through your plateaus, or simply get started on your journey! I am looking for those who are ready for a change, who want to love up on themselves and be obsessed with becoming the best version of themselves in 2018! Start the year right by starting NOW! Message me and we can chat about your goals and dreams! 馃槝
Yesterday was my "rest day" but time to get straight back into it for the week. Back to lower body today before cardio tomorrow 馃弮馃徑 Trying to keep as active as I can this festive season because I know Christmas Eve & Day/Boxing Day i'll be enjoying a few beersies with my fam and eating a little more than usual. Looking forward to it though 馃榿 #healthyoverskinny #progressnotperfection #dizzofitness #bodyimage #thedizzochallenge2017 #gainzbethejourney #liftanduplift #polyfitness #motivateandinspire #fat2fit #flab2fab #goals #curves #muscles #weightloss #fatloss #strong #weightlossjourney #fatlossjourney #fitnessmotivation #fitspo #inspire #weightlossmotivation #creatinghealthyhabits #mindovermatter #nourishyourbody #healthierchoices #notadietbutalifestyle #bodyconfidence
o u t f i t l o v e. 馃憣馃徏 . Love this skirt. Never fails to make me feel ready for whatever the occasion throws at me! Def a go to of mine at the moment. Even better when you put it in and it fits you better than the last time. My fitness regime sure works! 馃挭馃徏 #ootd . #fashion #winterfashion #rollneck #winterchecks #redchecks #bbloggers #fbloggers #lbloggers . . . #instagood #picoftheday #photooftheday #thehappynow #inspiremyinstagram #littlestoriesofmylife #lifecloseup #myhappycapture #fitness #fitforlife #healthyoverskinny #myfitnessjourney #fitnessbloggers #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgoals #fitnessbody #fitstagram #fitspo #fitspiration
Move of the day: sumo squats with a twist 馃挭馃徏
Healthy OVER starving 鉁岋笍 馃尶 #healthyisyummy #healthyoverskinny #truth
I made a decision today. A decision I never thought I鈥檇 have the guts to make. At the beginning of this year I took on another RD position on top of my full-time job and personal business. This extra job gave me financial security and the ability to pay down my debt. I am happy to say that although I am not debt free, my debt is no longer building interest and I am in a MUCH better place financially. I鈥檝e always loved to work and my passion for nutrition allowed me to extend myself to so many areas in the profession, however parts of me were lost in the hustle of juggling it all. I did not vacation this year and I said no to a lot of friends and family plans. I knew that those were the sacrifices I needed to make to make my goal of financial freedom come true. I am not done working and hustling however the 20+ hours a week I was giving to a company will now be going to ME. Toni, I am excited to get to know you again this year and see what you have in store for your personal and professional growth as you jump into your own business because you鈥檙e worth it and 馃挴capable of doing whatever you set your mind to...YOU GOT THIS 馃挭馃徏
s t a r l i g h t, s t a r b r i g h t. 馃専 . My heart could have burst tonight watching Grace play a star in her school nativity play; especially seeing her sing & dance to Madonna鈥檚 鈥楲ucky Star鈥 - just absolutely precious! 馃挄馃槏馃巹 #proudmoment #80sclassic . #christmasmagic #nativityplay #luckystar #ourgorgeousgirl #bbloggers #fbloggers #lbloggers #parenting #pbloggers #mbloggers . . . #instagood #picoftheday #photooftheday #thehappynow #inspiremyinstagram #littlestoriesofmylife #lifecloseup #myhappycapture #fitness #fitforlife #healthyoverskinny #myfitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgoals #fitnessbody #fitstagram
I've always been curvy, I have extra skin, I have love handles and a lil pouch 馃槀馃檶馃徏I'm not stick thin, I'm not in my best shape BUT guess what? I'm learning to be ok with that and strive to be my best 馃憦馃徏馃檵馃徎. . #loveyoself #healthyoverskinny #joy #redefiningmyjoy #
I've grown up watching my mom crack her teeth on empty liquor bottles the same way my closest friends covered their wrists with long sleeves in the heat of May. I've watched my dad walk away from me and my brother to hide behind a third wife who ties anchors to others and let's them sink. Not to mention a stepdad who knows how to drive knives into hearts with the words that drip off his tounge. I've closed my eyes and froze while I was held down and taken advantage of and felt a part of me die that same day. I hope that person knows I wanted to cut up every part of my skin so no one would ever touch me again. I've also nearly killed myself due to a mental illness that has lived with me throughout all of this. But there's a point. You know? Where I woke up and decided I had the power to become stronger from my past and frankly, I love myself more often than not. Everything that's happened to me makes me who I am. That's what is beautiful. That's what makes people so special. Their life is theirs and they have the ability to do whatever they want with it whether that's good or bad. I think that's why recovery is beautiful too. It's agonizing to fight this demonized part of you but if you don't then you wouldn't be able to experience what it's like to live. Just like if you hold onto your past it will eat you alive and you can't experience how amazing life can be. 鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍鉁达笍 #recoverywarrior #anorex矛arecovery #strongnotskinny #healthyoverskinny #fuckanorexia #fuckeatingdisorders #prorecovery #recovery #recoveryisworthit #foodisfuel #wewillrecover #fightforlife #edwarrior #edsoilder