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I had the opportunity to share my knowledge 'The Tao' about health and wellness to our Kupunas(seniors)!? Reminding ourselves how valuable life is with purpose. Got to meet a doctor at 99yrs old and still looking like at age 50! 'The purpose of our life is to be happy.' - Dalai Lama 🙏 @_kal3i 📸 @kimijcua 👊💥 @ajkaina #health #healthyliving #healthyway #healthandfitness #martialarts #martialway #kungfu #taichi #Tao #taoism #tradition #history #art #philosophy #wayoflife #theway #presentation #demonstration #stayhealthy #stayhungry #stayfocus #motivate #motivated #motivationalquotes #dalailama
Jom! ❤ #Repost from @anakkampungsabah with @regram.app ... 2nd event for Sabah vs Sarawak Run, 28 March 2018. This year Sabah menang, next year kita kasi manang Sabah lagi . Jom ikut! Virtual run pun boleh 👍. #running #healthandfitness #borneo #sabahanpride #healthycompetition
Late night edition of #weightlosswednesday! It’s still Wednesday in most places in the USA lol and it’s about to get REAL. . The photo on the left was taken July 22 2014. The day I found out how bad my cholesterol was. How high my weight was. How high my blood pressure was (besides just white coat syndrome, bc that sh*t is real yo 😝). This was the day I consider my journey really starting. Because I had gone to the doctor to find something WRONG with me. Who the eff does that? I wanted them to find something wrong for why I was always tired. Why I just felt bleh all the time. And you wanna know what they found? ABSO-freaking-LUTELY NOTHING. It was all because I was overweight. 278 pounds on my 5’6” body. . Now the photo on the right? Well I took it this morning. Feeling good. I haven’t been making the progress lately that I want, but I’m trying. There’s still a huge difference between these photos. Between the obvious weight loss difference, I just feel better! I’ve gained confidence. I’ve gained my smile back. I’ve gained muscles I never thought I’d have. I’ve run long distance races. I gained courage to do more outside my comfort zone. . Starting this health and fitness journey was one, if not the hardest, things I’ve ever done. It’s full of ups and downs. Gains and losses (in positive and negative ways). But it’s a journey i couldn’t be prouder to be on. And I want to help you start, or continue yours. You may already be on a health and fitnsss journey or working on yourself and just need help or something new. Or this might be the time you finally start. And I want to be there for you and help. Give you guidance with the tools and resources I’ve been using for 3 years this month. Beachbody has helped saved my life. Give it a chance to save yours. Message me or comment down below for details 💕 #weightlossjourney #transformation
Off to a much needed getaway just next door in Oman and I'm so excited to be camping in the outdoors under the stars ✨ all wrapped up in my sleeping bag. Looking forward to a disconnect both metaphorically and literally! In what way do you take a short break from your everyday life, whether big or small?
2nd event for Sabah vs Sarawak Run, 28 March 2018. This year Sabah menang, next year kita kasi manang Sabah lagi . Jom ikut! Virtual run pun boleh 👍. #running #healthandfitness #borneo #sabahanpride #healthycompetition
We have a choice. Always. We have the ability to create joy. To make someone happy...to reach out and give love authentically, and possibly change peoples lives. Choosing to give the best of ourselves can only lead to receiving our best life experiences. None of us are perfect, we can only do our absolute best to work on ourselves and to not hurt others along the way. But it happens, you hurt people..you make bad choices. You learn...YOU ARE GROWING. The thing is..you have to be able to step outside yourself, and see that you’ve made mistakes..see your “failures”..learn..evolve and find your way to the next level of being. Take that step towards joy by forgiving yourself. Caring for yourself... so you are able to love others. To really see them and connect with them is possible when you are able to recognize yourself in their struggles. Life is hard guys..in case you didn’t notice lol ...but If you can lift weight off someone’s shoulders for just a minute..to give them a moment where they are understood and appreciated. You might find out that they needed it..that it might be just what they need in that moment to defeat a battle you know nothing about. You have that choice. Create joy. 🙏🏻🙏🏻💗🤙🏻🤙🏻 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #writersofinstagram #healthandwellness #selfgrowth #journey #levelup #mindfulness #wellness #healthandfitness #fitness #fitnessmotivation #gymlife #liftheavy #womenwhoinspire #womenwhogrow #womenwholift #growthmindset #fitmama #fitmom #canada #home
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• and the Thursday adventures continue! . Dam Wall Interval Running 🌿 . . So, I did this thing where I signed up for Park Run! Because 1. I use to ran when I was younger and then stopped, you know #kneeproblems and 2. Because I want to get back into it, I want to build my cardio and meet new people, all for FREE 🙈😂 . . So any tips on how to train me up to ran again??? . At the moment I'll just be the straggler out the back of the pack 😂😂 . . #runningtips #runningadvice #beginerrunner #learningtorun
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Throw🔙 to Christmas Day last year . . Cannot wait for the weather to sort itself out and be consistently warm and be able to spend time at the beach and pool . . ☀️☀️☀️☀️ . . 📸 @sevenstardragonball