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The next time they hung out, it was at park. It took a week before they were able to go, because the weather was all rainy for awhile. However, the second the skies cleared, they were already out the door. Kaylee, Harry, and Tom sat on a bench (Haz and Sam had plans already), talking about life and stuff. “So, Mr. Coffee Killer, have you killed any more coffee?” Kaylee asked. Tom rolled his eyes, grinning. “My record stands still at one.” “Good for you, murderer doesn’t really seem like it’d be on your list of personality traits.” “I really hope not,” Harry nodded, laughing. “I mean, what would the /fans think/?” The three of them burst out laughing after a second or two of silence, and then Kaylee spoke. “Well, they would proooobably still love him anyway.” “They’d be crazy to.” Tom chuckled. “Aren’t they crazy already?” “True.” Harry agreed. “Very true, Hair, very true.” /\/\/\ Like and comment for more! /\/\/\ #fanfiction #tomholland #story #hollandfam #spiderman #spidermanhomecoming #marvel #cute #chapter #mcu #celeb #actor #harryholland #girls #wisdom #hazosterfield #guysandgirls #joking #readthis #likethis #followforfollow #samholland #milkytea
PART 32💕: When the waiter comes it’s a familiar face. You’re very first love, the two of you where about 13 when the two of you started going out on dates and it only lasted for about a year. Because you’re father had to move with work. At the time you where sad, but you wouldn’t change it for the world now. Cause if you never moved you would have never met Peter. You sit closer to peter and put your hand on his thigh. “Hello, I’m Justin and I’ll be your waiter today. Can I start you guys off with drinks?” He pulls out a pad and pen and starts jotting down everyone’s drink orders. “Y/n is that you” he gets a closer look. “Omg no way, Justin it’s been so long” You smile. “You look so grown up, no more braces or frilly pink dresses” he laughs. You get up to give him a hug, you look so mature now, you still into LEGO” you laugh and sit back down. His hair seemed to be a darker blonde than it was a when you guys where together. “Do you live here now” you ask questioning why he was actually in New York. “I’m here for school then I’m moving back home after my schoolings done, we’ll have to catch up with in the time I’m here” he smiles. “Yea that would be great, you’ll have to give me your number or something” he nods with a smile spread across his face before leaving. “Who was that” peter seems generally concerned. “Oh it was just an old friend of mine, he’s nothing to worry about” you kiss peter on the cheek before getting really close to him. You caught up with your dad on how everything’s been going. Peter gets at text message, before rushing out of the room with out explanation. “That’s odd” you start to get weird feelings about this. “It might be about her spiderman duty. He’s been occupied with that a lot recently it’s pretty bad” you say looking at your dad and Pepper in the seat across from you. “Here’s the drinks” Justin places a special cocktail down as well as what you ordered. “It’s on the house” he winks and walks away to grab his note pad. *more in comments*
So apparently this is the poster for uncharted game thingy... Just wanna tell yall it isn't it's just an incredible fan edit, by someone with amazing talent 😍 but yeah I'm so bloody pumped for it • • @tomholland2013 #tomholland #tomhollandedits #harrisonosterfield #harryholland #paddyholland #samholland #spiderman #spidermanhomecoming #hazosterfield #peterparker #lauraharrier #zendaya #jacobbatalon #tomholland2013 #hollanders
Thanks for 200 Followers! I know this account is tiny but I was one of the sleeper/ lurker fans for quite a long time. Hollander/Haz lover thru and thru.
wait, did you think i was over this photo? well you’re wrong, never judge a book by its cover. lmao that meme is so old, i’ll leave.. • ok soooo im thinking of starting a new theme! i posted some pics on my story of what it would be like. go check them out! i’m really excited about it😊 • #tomholland
Today when I sat down to do my exam my chair broke and I had to sit in the most uncomfortable way for an hour 😑 RIP