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▌ █ S O M B R E █ ▌ FRUSTRATION // track 4 extrait // le clip (h)ATE sort le 25.09 et l'EP SOMBRE le 27.09 sur les plateformes. #johnmwarts #music #sombre #electro #electronic #techno #noise #release #ep #soon #hate #malin #oxyde #frustration
Mega bed head featuring ME ketchup. #tattoo #tattoos #bed #hair #love #hate
Każdy w życiu popełnia błędy, ale to nie znaczy, że musi płacić za nie do końca życia. Czasami dobrzy ludzie dokonują złych wyborów. To nie znaczy, że są źli. #Love #Like #Strong #eyes #sad #cry #Girl #hate #Wow 💟💕💟
#Love me ?? Great. #Hate me ?? Even Better. Don't know me ?? Don't #judge me !!
My look has changed so much this year. Everyone could see i was heading down a dark tunnel but I didn't seek help. It's taken me a very long time to trust people again & to open up about everything that has gone on the last year. It's never easy to talk about but I think the hardest thing to speak about is what happened in March with my in-laws. Everyone around me could see I wasn't coping & they seen in my selfies that I was changing & faking my happiness but I can honestly say I now smile & laugh with my heart & not just to be brave 🙂 it's taken me a very long time to feel this way but I'm finally at a place where I'm happy. Sure I have bad days but I'm a bloody fighter so I'll always be okay 🙂 what helped me get through the shit my brother in law did- is my family & close friends. What the In law, his daughter, wife, step daughter & his sister did is unforgivable. I'm usually a very forgiving person but not this time. They are nothing to me because I don't want to surround myself with people who are full of drama & bullshit. I live a simple life these days & it shows 🙂 I still get his bullshit thrown at me but I'm strong enough to ignore it & laugh.