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This small, cluttered garage makes getting good pictures a little bit hard. Anyway, the bottom and top posts have been welded together, all the threaded spacer pipes have been fully welded and cleaned up, and I just finished welding the top mounting plate for the mailbox. Tomorrow all I have to is paint it and concrete this asshole into the ground. #hashtags #weldedandshit #imgoingtogetmybackcrackednow #migwelded #customfabrication #customcreationsconsistingoftimeconsumingmetalmanipulationtothetenthpower #imjustramblingnow
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Tình yêu đến em không mong đợi gì, tình yêu đi em không hề hối tiếc 🎵 #hashtags
Suzie shares....💚💙 Well hello let me introduce myself MS Worlds BIGGEST SKEPTIC from Down under. I wanted to share the start of my journey with you and I say start as this is only the beginning.. Lucky for me as it almost never started. Through the last 4 years I have faced my mortality twice..... In 2012/13 I spent 7 months in Flight /fight mode with suspected Ovarian Cancer , result? ended with begine borderline tumors and everything removed: Hello no cancer welcome surgical menopause. Recovering 6 months later and moving on with life in 2014 I was stationary on the freeway and was hit from behind at 100km hr. My car took the full force .=4 car pile up.Fractured ribs , Memory loss, and 4 shoulder operations later(2 on each) I stand here today. My mind in tack (although ask my friends they will have a different story lol) but my body , pretty much stuffed. Cortisone levels shot, thyroid shot, cant exercise , And a body that will not right itself. NOTHING has been able to settle my body over the last few years. I have tried EVERYTHING, you name it I tried it, every pill, shake, pray, diet on the planet and my body still worked against me. We were out of sync and with every new Fairy magic dust I tried my body fought harder and gained more as if to say hahahah nope try again. I resigned myself to the fact that I was now to be a curvy woman for the rest of my life and I learned to love my body and I did. Then I found TRUVISION and well im speechless the Skeptic from down under is now MRS BELIEVER. Until I saw the photos I hadn't realized the physical difference , I had felt the other effects which to me where great but to finally see the physical effects bought me to tears. Finally after years of opposition myself and my body where again working in sync and after ONLY 7 WEEKS!!!!!! I will always love my curvy body no matter what size, just now there going to be a lot less curves haha... Ill leave you with this..... Life is short.... Go to the edge of your comfort zone because thats where your life begins... Live Laugh Love every day xoxoxoxoxoxo
Art request from @bucharest.ball comment down below for some art requests be sure to give me a shoutout and tag me with this photo before using it - - - - #euroballart #imdying #history #romania #r #cze #countryballs #france #afow #lol #lmao #awsome #punny #afoe #afow #communism #marx #stalin #donald #please #do #that #is #enough #hashtags
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