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¡SOLANGELO! Hola, sé que esto no es de Harry Potter pero es para ganar en un concurso de Percy Jackson jeje. Para ayudarme (por favor💛) sólo tenéis que: • Ir a la cuenta de @olympusheroes • Buscar la publicación de la cabaña de Tyche, tiene una conversación de whatssap, después esta imagen y unos memes • Dejar un like c: • Si venid de aquí dejar un ⚡ de harry potter jejeje🌝 MUCHAS GRACIAS SI ME AYUDAIS :D #percyjackson #leovaldez #solangelo #nicodiangelo #will #willsolace #ship #pipermclean #memes #harrypotter #harrypotterforever #headcanon
In Leeds, there is a bar named ‘The Library’ at the edge of campus. This, in my opinion, is genius. Not only does it always make someone laugh when they say “I’m going to the library,” then continue to head to the bar, it also plays a psychological game. As if the name in itself tricks you to believe that you are actually at the library, even though you are clearly not. The Library, which is on the other side of campus than my class, is where my friend claimed to have gotten lost. “I was told the class was next to the library, and I thought they meant the bar, not the actual library.” She was desperately trying to explain to the teacher why she arrived to class two hours late, and desolately failing. "So you've been looking for the classroom... for two hours?" My dry, stern and very British professor was not amused, but we all were. She only laughed about it at our going away dinner, once the shock of sleeping in and missing class had fully passed. After that infamous first day of class, we all promptly went back to bed and woke up just in time for a pub trivia night held at the Library (bar library, not library library). And when I say “just in time,” we came a good half hour after everyone else, but made it just in time for the actual trivia, which, in my books, was just in time. We all sat together at a table where we learned that we knew practically nothing about the U.K. When asked what the most popular drink in the U.K. was, we wrote down ‘butterbeer’ and laughed about it for the duration of our trip. Our Australian friend tried to explain to us that no, Hotline Bling would not be #1 in the U.K. because “no one here listens to Drake.” Spoiler alert- Hotline Bling was the #1 single. Getting that wrong left this part time Torontonian very, very embarrassed.  After that, we stayed at the Library all night, which is exactly what I told my mother. To be continued🌻
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