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Richie's having fun and settling in nicely, I've decided to open him up for stud so if you're looking for a handsome devil to sire your mare, please just leave a comment or direct message me! I introduced him to ghost, and while they're not exactly best friends, I wouldn't say they hate each other! New horses coming in tomorrow, hopefully I can post on them. #gr_studs #gr_richatheart
A new makeover pony for @eventing.bean and @sts.galaxy Nokota makeover!! This girl is part blind and we recently found out she is pregnant. We won't be working her too hard until she has had the foal but are going to try and get her familiar with the barns. We have a stall and pasture set up specifically for her to keep her from getting hurt in them. We put wood chips around her paddock and around her stall as a warning that she word about to run into something. SN: Mission Impossible BN: Hope Age: 13 Breed: Nakota Gender: Mare Discipline: Just flat work, probably English type classes. Color: Silver blue roan? Geno: #horsenation03oc #missionimpossiblesb #shamrockbarnsnl #harpg #dhrp #stsevmakeover
T had us all shook™ this morning when we tried her in a bridle for the first time. We were expecting her to have… negative opinions on it but she didn't bat an eyelid? After we got a nice photo, I let her into the arena to let off steam for a bit. She reared a couple of times, but she's so spicy it's hard to tell whether it was because of the bridle or just general spiciness lmao #CWLStrategicDevotion #tb_budmakeover **** #horse #horseart #harpg #dhrp #art #myart #digital #digitalart #drawing Reference image was found on google. all credit to the original owner.
So i was sick at home and i took some time for this drawing 🖌️ Ref 1: www.carlarparkequestrian.com.a… Ref 2: storage2.rimondo.com/horse/ger… Ref 3:www.hilltopfarminc.com/wp-cont… #drawingdigital #digitalart #wacom #wacomart #horse #pferd #buckskin #trott #messyworkinprogress #photoshop #photoshopart #harpg #equestrian #equineart #equine #equinelove
New art! Sort of haha. This is the best you are getting while I’m up here north. ❤️—————————————— #ssoedit #sso #ssohorse #ssoedits #starstable #art #artistsoninstagram #harpg #starstableonline #art #horsesofinstagram #hashtag
Jeg beklager ikke å legge ut ofte! Jeg har gått tom for papir og venter på å kjøpe en ny skissebok til min HARPG kunst. Jeg håper du forstår! . . . #harpg #fjord #fjording #fjordhest
Well that's fun Mosey got a bit spooky crossing the river and Annabelle, after this had to get up and lead him the rest of the way. Let's just hope she doesn't freeze because the water has to be ice cold with how cold it is outside. Annabelle may possibly steal Andy for a bit after this since he seems so much calmer than mosey 😂 #msf_callmeandy #moseysb #mttbendurancerace #harpg #dhrp #horseart #digitalart #jannabelle💕
Penny, Paris, and Dipity recently moved to @manuppsattagardar !! Penny will be competing there and i believe is now on their team. We will miss her at Shamrock Barns but excited for her future! Paris is stall 66 Serendipity is stall 67 #pennyvandenburgsb #serendipitysb1 #parisblusb #dhrp #harpg #horseart #digitalart
Welcome to Ghostrose Stables, Richie! Richie is 9 year old pintabian stallion, shown mostly in-hand, but has had some showjumping experience in the past. Hoping to get some mares in soon, preferably arabian for this beautiful boy to sire. Until then, let's hope Richie and Ghost get along. PS, we adopted this pretty boy from @pine_ridge_adoptions ~ Great people! I'd recommend them for your next horse. - #gr_richatheart
1 large lad. **** #horse #horseart #harpg #dhrp #digital #digitalart #drawing #art #myart Reference image was found on google, all credit to the original owner. Background by LuDa-Stock.
These spicy lil nuggets had a great time when Annabelle, Ally ( @maverickthetb ), and Jason ( @thebudyonny ) camped out together one of the nights of the endurance race!! As you can see here there is Mosey looking as if he is questioning things, Mop being a spicy boi, and Andy who seemed to either be pissed or mildly confused. Annabelle had been having a great time and she is excited to continue the race 😊 #moseysb #mttbendurancerace #msf_callmeandy #dhrp #harpg #horseart #digitalart #mttbmopitup
Baby T does not appreciate being lunged. Meanwhile I was trying not to let go of the lunge line because I was laughing too hard. #CWLStrategicDevotion #tb_budmakeover **** #horse #horseart #art #myart #harpg #dhrp #drawing #digital #digitalart **** Reference image was found on google. all credit to the original owner.
Jacqueline and a new member of Shamrock barns Duchess aka Dreams From a Duchess. This is an entry for a show on DA SN: Dreams From a Duchess BN: Duchess Breed: German WB Age: 5 years Height: 16hh Dicipline: Show Jumping and Dressage Facility: Netherlands Color: Flea-bitten Grey Geno: Ee/aa/GG (?) She is a very quiet mare, Jacqueline doubted the mare's skills and was surprised when she performed amazingly at the show. Full story on DA #dreamsfromaduchesssb #horsenation03oc #horseart #harpg #dhrp #digitalart From @digital.horse.adopts
Meet Ghost! My very first horse, bought a year ago, dumped by his young owner after she had lost interest. His quirky personality was almost non-existant when he arrived; sure, he was well-fed, his hooves were well kept and he seemed healthy, but his 5 year old spirit was that of a 30 year old schoolmaster. Ghost is a 6 year old American Paint horse- excuse the large tummy, he is currently out of work. He is training in dressage, and has done some jumping, though he is very spooky (ghost, ha) and tends to bolt at the sight of jumps. #gr_heartofaghost
The first snow!! Aphrodite at first seemed to almost be scared of it. She wouldn't come out of the barn but then when she seen other horses playing around in it she decided to join them. We are hopefully going to start and get her warmed up to tack soon since she seems to be doing a lot better with desensitizing. When we first started she hated this giant ball but now we put it in her pasture and she slowly began to warm up to it to the point she would play with it, as seen here 😊 we managed to have her stand still enough to clip her and we are very proud with how well she took it. After 5 minutes she seemed comfortable and allowed us to do it without any fits. #goddessoflovesb #shamrockbarnsMI #horseart #harpg #dhrp #tb_budmakeover #digitalart
。☆✼★━★✼☆。 Manuppsattagardar is located in Bordeaux, France on 60 acres of facilities and trails. We have 40+ stalls available for boarding, including a few year-round pasture boarding opportunities and turnout schedules. We provide 4 nicely kept arenas for our boarders and students to ride in, including a large indoor arena. Apart from boarding, we have barns that home lesson and lease horses. Students take lessons from top of the line trainers that have competed in Grand Prix, and qualified for the Olympics. If you need to get away from all the facilities, we have miles and miles of trials open for the public to walk or ride. Students and boarders receive a locker and tack chest in the tackroom, there is a tackroom located in every barn. Every barn also has washstalls, feed rooms, bathrooms, and lounges. Every stall has a crosstie that goes across the barn isle, a saddle rack for when you’re getting ready, and hooks for you to hang supplies on. Every pasture has a shelter that is fully supplied with water and hay all year. Our stablehands feed and water horses morning and night, and clean stalls when needed. If you have any questions or wish to board at our facility, then DM us or comment (: #Manuppsattagardar
A new Arrival to the facility in the Netherlands! Everyone meet Olaf! SN: Above the clouds BN: Olaf Breed: Noriker Age: 4 years Gender: Stallion This guy came to us from @painting_ponies_ he is very underweight currently and will be needing a lot of work in order to be healthy again. He is a very skittish horse but Jacqueline plans on working with him once he is is healthy enough to get back to work. Currently he will be staying out in one of the paddocks with an animal companion from our farm yard, which happened to be a miniature highland cow. #abovethecloudssb #horseart #dhrp #harpg #art #digitalart #horsenation03oc #shamrockbarns #ppdraftmakeover