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So this post was going to be an ohhhh I love my little boy so much post....that idea quickly turned into me thinking they should definitely give more warning labels when they're passing these things out at the hospital 😂😂 (kidding...sorta) That being said, I've decided to make a dont beat yourself up over it post, and say, it's okay. Don't get me wrong, I love my little guy tons, but this is definitely the hardest thing I've ever done in my life, and I've had several dogs that I kept alive in college! 😂 On a serious note, 11 months and 12 days ago, when I gave birth to this handsome little devil, I had no idea that almost a year later, I would be getting absolutely no sleep when he doesn't feel good. I had no clue, how HARD it was going to be. There is no sleeping in late, or staying out late. Hell my hair doesn't get done 1/2 the time (today, is one day it didn't get done), and we're just super lucky that I have more makeup on than mascara today, because 99% of the time I can't find the time to put it on. Some new moms are always rocking it, and looking flawless when they go out, and I applaud you on that. But for those of us that can't, or would rather sleep that extra hour because you were up all night with a kid that has a double ear infection....that's OKAY too! Don't let the world tell you, you're not good at being a woman, I've heard it a few times before myself. But I have a healthy baby, a happy husband, and I've got time to do things for myself, when my little bit doesn't need me quite so much later one. For now, I'm going to enjoy all these hard moments, bc frankly, I am going to miss these moments of fighting to take a picture. Getting smacked and slobbered on. I'm going to miss the moments where I've had to stop what I'm doing to go make a bottle and rock my little human, or where I've had to drop everything and run and scoop him up because he's fallen, or he's about to. These moments are HARD but they're the moments I'm going to look back at over the rest of my life and miss. #keepgoing #boymom #LOVE #hardstuff
I love my dad so incredibly much. Seeing him sick like this just kills me. Please continue to pray for him💔 Maleah really misses her Papa! #oldpicture #cancersucks #hecandoit #chemo #itsstarted #hardstuff #prayers #dad #bestpapaever
Brought it back from Canada 😍 #whiskey #drink #goodtimes #hardstuff
Last weeks install all finished and looking good. Polished concrete island with waterfall ends, intergrated oak breakfast bar, hob and pop up socket cutout. 4m concrete worktops with waterfall end and double undermounted sink. Full length back splashes and 3x concrete window ledges. — — #warringtonandrose #team #polishedconcrete #kitchendesign #kitchen #design #interiordesign #concreteworks #concretedesign #interiors #interiorarchitecture #architecture #breakfastbar #oak #hardstuff #inductionhob #artisans #handmade #ruddington #nottingham #london #gfrc #wetcast #gfrcconcrete
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