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Evening dip to keep cool and wash all the mud off!! #muckypups
Descansando um pouquinho pra depois brincar com os meus brinquedinhos. Quem aí quer vir brincar comigo? 🙋🏻🙋🏻
Where did my ears go? 🐶🐾 🛀
S M I L E ! it's Friday 😬🎉
It's starting to get cold so this new bed is perfect! 🐶🐾
Oppie's first day at doggy day camp! Don't let that face fool you... someone was put in time out for playing too rough! 😂💕 #frenchiesofinstagram #petsmart #happyfrenchies #troublemaker #puppy❤️
Sorria para a foto e ganhe um biscoitinho 😜🍪😋 Smile to the photo and get a cookie 😜🍪😋
Sitting at the big boy table. 🐶🐾
When you instantly regret your decision!! #fool 🙈 (Got under the car seat cover, and couldn't find a way back!)
Sunshine came out for a run around the forest 🌲🌳☀️ #adventurers
wait! i don't understand... who's coming over? #badgalriri