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Haha man it is times like these i miss home. Love my family #HappyFamily #MvuhandLungi'sDanceSchoolLoading #JesusChristIsLordandSaviour
We are proud to announce that our Saturday session was a big success. We wouldn't have reach till this point without our members. We promise to bring the best for you in future. ✨ "Home affairs to job affairs "- was session for home makers who want to become professional business person.grooming session for WAMA WOMEN News paper coverage by sandesh news paper. Spl thanks to Heta shah ramani😀 #happyfamily #wamafamily #
Большому семейству большую картину! Перед вами семейный портрет , нарисованный по разным фото, т к совместного зачастую нет 🤷🏼‍♀️, либо на фото кого то не хватает, либо кто то не очень вышел. А ведь общий портрет объединяет и сближает всю семью! Такую картину , уже как семейную реликвию, можно передавать из поколения в поколение. Это ли не самый лучший подарок для себя или своих близких?🙂❤️ #делюсьсчастьем #семья #семейныйпортрет #family #happyfamily P.S.: любите и рожайте 😊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
....Meet the Ojis. So much beauty. #ChildDedication #HappyFamily
I always look at these little squares and think how perfect lives look... this photo is taken on day 3 of the "holiday" I'd rather not be on 😂. But look at us having such a wonderful time (!!!!) The twins are teething like hell. And poor Lily's been suffering as Chris and I are trying everything to keep them happy which is so hard when I have had the cold from hell and on Saturday night I got 30 fucking minutes sleep and the twins tag teamed the night I never want to think about again!! Anyway this afternoon the sun shone, people commented on what a lovely family we are and we were all actually happy. Real life happy. Not insta life happy (!) So tonight the twins are going to sleep 😂 and tomorrow will be a perfect day #happyholidays #instalife #teethingtwins #sleepisfortheweek #perfectfamily #perfectday #perfect #hashtaglols
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