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If you immediately get this reference I'm pretty sure we're meant to be best friends! (Comment with a 👍 if you get it... no spoilers) . I'll be vendin' and paintin' this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at Circa Caliente here in Palm Springs at the ever-amazin' @calientetropicsresort. Lookin' forward to this new event... see you kids real soon!
hey everyone, i will be doing a new thing called #happycaturday every saturday ! i will be giving shoutouts on my story TO MY MOST ACTIVE FOLLOWERS ONLY!! i will be giving a TON of shoutouts, stay tuned!
Two new surprise pins coming soon! One of them is similar to my cat nap pin :)
Y'know, the moai prolly wouldn't mind so much if they weren't so allergic to cats... eh, who are we kiddin', pretty much everything seems to annoy the moai. . Meow! Meow! "Mod Moai Meow" is available now! Link in my profile . 14x11" (35.56 x 27.94cm)
Who's a pretty boy
Maybe if I hide behind this candle, Mom won’t find me and trim my claws🤔😼