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There is always one thing to be thankful for every morning, , to see the beuty of being alive under god's grace ,, good morning , good day , good afternoon ,, #happy❤️ #monday #allah #blessed🙏 #goodluck #fighting #cemungut #cemungud #like4like #likesforlikes
I understand we don't get along at times and how we can be too clingy to each other. Some fights and angry texts here and there but I still can't image my life without you in it. You define me, support me, love me and best of all let me be who I am without judgement. Some fights were unnecessary and yes I admit sometimes I started it with my attitude but honestly I just couldn't be with you. 2 1/2 years ago I had a choice to let you in my life or walk, however, I wanted to get another chance at love since my past relationships wasn't very bright or happy. This is probably the best and last relationship I will ever love and have in my life. Thank you for everything beyond to your support, working so hard for me and suffering your happiness for mine. Best man I could ever have and be proud you are mine @matthewmirbasoo406 . I love you. Happy early Man Crush Monday #mcm😍 #boyfriend #warrior #supporter #lover #happy❤️
South is the place to be 💛💙❤️bumped into my baby brother @nikkotirona (who's really not a baby anymore, but will always be our bunso, my baby 🙂) #lifeisbeautiful #familyis💛 #happy❤️
ຍິ້ມມມມຫນ້າບານນນນ5554 #happy❤️
Halstatt, Austria Photography by @josh.perrett #thetravelhub ● 🌴● 🛫 @the.travel.hub 🛫 🛫 @the.travel.hub 🛫 . #thetravelhub For a Chance To Be Featured.