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Adding Young Living’s grapefruit vitality oil to my water..great way to make your drinks extra tasty 😋
I love having a good quality protein powder to rely on! Did you protein is needed for muscle growth and recovery? Young Living pure protein complete has 25 g of protein per serving and supports energy production 💪💪
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Wednesday Shoulders Upright rows 90x10x10x10 Shoulder press (machine) 140x5 100x10x5 Front raise 15lbsx10 Side raise 15x8 Needed this. Works out aggression #gymtherapy #fitover40 #fathammer #shoulderworkout #tiredofbeingfat #tryingtobelessfat #fitnessjourney #gymlunch
Who the f*ck am I? I ask myself that all the time. My mind right now is scrambled with thoughts, I type as I think because this soothes me. Sometimes I’m scared to embrace when it’s ok to be sad and mad because if I can barely handle myself how can I expect my husband or others around me to stand my presence? I’ll fill my mind with toxic thoughts all with the similar goal of making me “keep it to myself”. Today the day started great but I guess I was sensitive because all these little things that go wrong, the stressors, really ticked me off and I feel angry and sad. I feel angry about being angry if that even makes sense lol. Ok that made me smile, writing puts things into perspective. This caption honestly has no formal layout I’m just flowing and I hope it gives you a peek inside how my mind works. The last thing to piss me off was that I finished a stressful day of work but was looking forward to the gym go hit legs. I get there and the only squat rack and weights I use we’re all taken. I left. I did a few sets with dumbbells but it felt lame so I took off and I feel disappointed. To be honest nothing terrible is happening, my mind is just blowing shit out of proportion between today’s inconveniences and then the whole thing with my roommate not paying their end of the bills causing me to not be able to work from my home office since last week. I’ve had setbacks but right now I’m reminding myself hey I have the next two days off from work, I’m launching my new collection soon for my business @endorfitapparel , I have a husband that I love and loves me back, my dog is the shit, I ate tater tots yesterday and da booty still on point even though I couldn’t do a proper leg day today lmfao. Ok there, I’ve written out my thoughts and my mood feels better. Doesn’t stop here though, I need to eat, get a hug, eat again and do stuff I enjoy once I’m home like watch my tv shows or work on my business💖
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Although I have been slacking consistency for a couple of weeks 🙈 not just training but nutrition too, I still have guns 💪🏼🙌🏼 I just can’t wait to be back 💯 #gymtherapy #fitgirl #ilovefood
Self love is hard, self love is easy. It just depends on your state of mind, right? Unfortunately we tend to yo-yo between hard and easy and feel like we never reach true happiness and enlightenment. But we can’t be happy all the time or love ourselves every second of the day. Our mind will always find a way to pull us back into the hard thoughts, the negative thoughts and it’s okay. We just have to try and understand those moments and work through them. I’ve found that sitting in the middle between hard and easy feels a lot better than fighting and convincing myself that self love is a walk in the park. 🌷 #selflove #beyourownsuperhero #mentality #mindset #followyourheart #staystrong #feelinghappy #dreambig #faceyourfears #wearestrong #wearehuman #exercise #youarebeautiful #youarestrong #badass #gymlife #findyourhappy #happiness #girlswholift #gymtherapy #gymgirl #girlswhosquat #keepgoing #girlswholift #fitness #weightlifter
These babies 😍 #kneesleeves #calfsleeves
Who’s working out before the #thanksgiving feast tomorrow? Tag us in your workout and get a feature on the page! And Happy Holidays from Bar Benders! Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! 🦃 - - - #BarBendersApparel #livethebrand #gym #gymmotivation #gymtherapy #fitness #fitnessmotivation #bodybuilding #bodybuildingmotivation #gainz #happythanksgiving #happyturkeyday #thankyoufollowers
Make sure you get your workouts in so you don’t waddle like a turkey after Thanksgiving! Get your activity in + make a plan for healthy meals=successful Thanksgiving holiday with no backtracking! . . . #fitness #motivation #focusedforthanksgiving #carriejean #fitchick #girlswholift #gymtherapy #girlswithtattoos
@Regranned from @joetherapy - Tight Upper Back? Try this Release! - Who's got those tight and tense shoulders? 🙋 - Dug deep into the archive for this #tbt This was my original Trap Release that I filmed back in April and ended up redoing it so the quality was better. Enjoy the Throwback! - How to perform the TRAPS Release👇👇 - 1️⃣ Grab a 🎾 or lacrosse ball! 2️⃣ Pick which trap you will be doing first and place that arm behind your back! 3️⃣ Find a doorway or end of a wall! 4️⃣ Bend over and place the ball on your trap and press into the wall until you get to the pressure you desire! 5️⃣ While you maintain pressure into the ball, flex your head to the side. Think bringing your 👂🏼 to your shoulder! 6️⃣ Repeat! - 👉Tag a friend with those tight traps! - 🎶Felix Cartel - Get What You Give