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i've spent the whole morning going through bags of old letters, diaries and writings. literally hundreds and hundreds - if not thousand - of pages of old memories, thoughts and feelings. for years i sought people's acceptance and approval until it's become a norm; and the worst part is that i sought acceptance from people who weren't in my best interest, so it left me finding none, feeling isolated and extremely ashamed of myself for failing. it's no secret that i was in a very dark place, i really didn't know back then how to handle myself and all the ugly emotions inside of me. food was not fuel. skin was a curse, not protection. words were weapons. nights were nightmares. and breathing felt like taking your last breath at any moment. i lost myself. and going through these old pages made me realize that i am not afraid of death, or cancer, or any other disease or thing. i am not afraid of that, no. it's just that mostly, i am scared of my own thoughts. i am scared of my own thoughts than i am of anything else. and sometimes i can only rely on my conscience and faith to not do something insane. our mind is not always so easy to understand and it can be a scary place. it can make us believe things that are not true. it's frightening. but going through my old diaries made me also smile because of how much i've already grown. i've learned that the people who are there for you will accept you and love all that is you, no matter what you look like or what your size is. it's true, i think a lot. i struggle to share my feelings in person and i wish the world consists of ink and paper because that's my escape. that's my way to deal with all of this. that's my home. i am trying to be the best me i can be and even though i critique myself so much it's not even necessary and i can be my own worst enemy a lot of the time, compared to who i was a few months or years ago, i am in a much clearer state of mine now and i am ready to take on anything. i will no longer be in a dark place. i will strive. i will move. and even though i still struggle on a daily basis, i am proud to say that today i've never been happier.
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Goin to get this cardio in before Church! Happy Sunday everyone and God Bless!!!
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#Realtalk about what works for meeee πŸ‘‹πŸ» Figure out your non-negotiable favorites when trying to live a balanced life. I don't believe in restricting yourself of everything BUT when you are on a health journey & set a goal to lose weight - you HAVE to make some sacrifices. For me I hated dieting. Dieting was necessary because my diet spiraled out of control and I held on to weight. Now that I no longer diet I have transitioned to a place where I have established what things I am never going to bring back into my diet because I just don't like the way they make my body feel (sluggish & like a blob) things like bagels & cream cheese. but I have things that I will always love such as nachos, a glass of wine, fried calamari & the list goes on. While on vaca I am not worried about how many glasses of wine 🍷 are too many. those are my fun treats πŸ˜‹ I look forward to. It's all give & take. I don't believe in binging on every possible "cheat meal" in one day and starving yourself the next. Balance it out πŸ‘ŒπŸ» don't feel guilty about it & keep moving forward. #VacationVibes πŸŒŠπŸ’™ #Nutrition
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