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Everyone that is enjoying the new #punisher series on Netflix will dig this bad boy. Custom 7.62x39 AR Pistol decked out w/ battleworn Punisher logo. CK work done by @firearmor.cerakote
Don’t be fooled, these rocks are extremely comfortable 😝 Rifle: @uintah_precision Support: @foamactionsportsllc Optic: @ritonusa Hat: @1stphorm Pants: @vertx_official
One of my favorite things here lately is waking up to a cup of @combatreadycoffee. Militia medium is one of my favorite roasts of all time time. . Alright let me be real with you guys. Ordering coffee online isn’t the cheapest when you can get coffee down the road at any Starbucks or Walmart. If you are going to fix your coffee up with sugar and cream don’t worry about ordering online. Go get any old coffee and save some money. However if you really truly like the taste of coffee and want to try something way better than store bought, it is well worth the money spent over at combat ready coffee. Vet owned company, great people to talk with and amazing coffee. . Side rant. I am cheap. Talk to some of my buds... @somedude_912 @agentc91 I’m super cheap. And in the past have been guilty of this but something that drives me crazy is the Instagram push for everyone wanting to be a sponsored shooter and get free stuff handed to them all the time. Seems opposite of what we preach towards the left... so please trust me when I say, I get nothing from advertising companies like @combatreadycoffee and @qvo_tactical(throwing them in here because they are another one I like to brag on all the time). I recommend them based on their quality and customer service. So if you want to try out some combat ready coffee shoot me a dm. I’d love to talk to you about them and get you a coupon code. . Side note to my side note... to the guys out there sponsored by companies and advertising them because you truly want to share how you feel about the companies 🙌 the previous rant isn’t about you. Glowing example is @canetuckeecarry. Keep up the good work brother. . #9mm #556 #gun #guns #gunsdaily #gunfanatics #gunchannels #pistol #dailygundose #weaponsdaily #weaponfanatics #hashtagtical #concealedcarry #everybladeofgrass #everydaycarry #edc #secondamendment #2a #united2a #pewpew #igmalitia #Dallas #Texas #America #merica #glock #gunsandcoffee