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The wonderful Chris Cain and paulie bignell #chriscain #pauliebignell #blues #guitargenius
Me and the VERY COOL & SUPER TALENTED Brandon Niederauer aka TAZ.  I met him at The School of Rock Musical - he plays Zach.  This kid's guitar skills are MAD!!! He's performed with some of the biggest names in rock and has a super bright future ahead of him.  Coolest fact: He is only 14!!! . This was my first musical and I have to say it TOTALLY ROCKED and "Zach" was my favorite character --- so getting to meet him after the show was awesome!!! He was very nice.  I want to learn to play the guitar now myself. . You can check out Taz on his IG @brandonniederauer and School of Rock here: @sormusical -- he's only going to be in the show until July, so hurry if you want to see him.  Definitely a must see show if you ask me!!! I hope to cross paths with Taz again someday.
Why don't you stay a while and see how it's done! Y'all still got the price tag on ya. Don't you know who THIS is? HE wrote the book!!! HE cooks young brothers like you and... spit out the gatdam seeds! Yount!! #ItsFuckingPRINCE #GodOfFunk #GOAT #AlphaAndOmega #GuitarGenius #ThereWillNeverBeAnother #fendertelecaster (video cred @nikkirogersnelson)