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Loving this capture of Cheddar Gorge 🧀 by @richlock #livebristol
Lovely evening paddle at Burra on Thursday. Hard to believe with all the wind and rain since then. #seakayakshetland
(1/6) It is evening and I install with great love a crystal in front of our window in Iceland, calling in the light for this special night. Soon, it begins to rain as the sun continues to shine, and I feel the good omen in it—a golden fall of luminous light and water—and I thank the Universe for her sweet response. The perfect memory of a magical journey to keep with me. . I walk from window to window to take it all in, to soak in these days of wonder, and then—a thunderous bolt through my heart. Right there, in our front yard, double rainbows 🌈🌈 sprout and beam up into the sky. I scream in wild delight, calling all my sisters to run out with me in the rain. And like birds of a feather, we fly outside, running, delighting, dancing, exploding with the kind of joy that heals. . Golden light falls on our necks, our bare shoulders, our rain-kissed backs, our cheek-to-cheek smiles. Our souls are alight. There is no end or beginning no boundary no difference—this is light that is light you are light I am light we are light we are we are we are. How did we ever forget ? . This is the #icelandxluminous women's journey in which we come home to our luminous light. #whp🌈
È imprecisa ma non importa. Adoro gli alberi di Roma, sono immensi, maestosi; mi piace guardarli da quaggiù, mi sembra che insieme formino un disegno, mi piace immaginare che raccontino una storia.. prendono forma e mi raccontano qualcosa che non so' . #italy #sunsetlovers #communityfirst #sunset #travellingtroughtheworld #skyporn #vscocam #vsco #vscohub #igers #vscogrid #guardiantravelsnaps #rome #igersroma #theweekoninstagram #italia #afterlight #chasinglight #wanderlust #afterlight #light #livefolk #liveauthentic #shootermag #sunrise #huntgram #huntgramtravelling #exklusive_shot #freedomthinkers
[i'll be your wild flower grown to the concrete and born to backbeat of the stars] #istanbul
Exactly this time last Sunday, I was sitting in an RV in a yard in Bethnal Green, cooking up cocktails - in homage to Breaking Bad. Someone on our table made Walter Jr's breakfast - rice crispies and kahlua. I wouldn't mind having this for my breakfast tomorrow!
summertime is in full effect. what are your plans during these next few months? 🌞🥀 #poolside #israel
There was lots going on in Greenwich today at their local festival. From crazy theatrical performances to lots of games for the kiddies ...Not to mention the awesome views of London you can see in the background .. Esmé used the colanades in the ancient buildings and the paths in the beautiful park to try out her new scooter from @mountain_buggy .. We are totally exhausted after having the two of them out for a few hours 😅.. lucky the scooter attaches to the buggy when Esmé got lazy ( Ad )
Boats and tunes and friends | #iamsterdam #summer
Paddle boarding in St Andrews Harbour with @blownawaybros who also do kayaking and land yachting here and at West Sands. A unique alternative to golf and whisky! #Scotland #Scotspirit #LoveFife