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Finally putting up this post although it has already been 1 week since I have been back in Singapore! Have been in reservist for this week:( 37 days of traveling in korea and Japan had really been awesome:) Had no plans before going but it worked out fine😂 4th time back in korea and Japan but there is always a first time for everything! First time going on a solo trip, first time in 24 years to change my hairstyle (for the better?!), first time having a picnic along hanging river, first time going for a baseball match, first time at Akaraka as well as first time trying out all the delicious food! Happy to have also met 'old' friends during this trip to catch up and know how they are doing:) Glad to hear that everyone was doing fine! To those whom I was not able to meet this time, let's meet when I am back in korea/Japan (maybe soon?! Haha) Met new friends ( @amylau1008 and @sarahhhsarahh )as well and hopefully we would have the chance to meet again👌 Thanks for all the encouragement and confidence cos now it's time for me to start looking for a job! But in the meantime, I am going to continue learning Korean and maybe self-learn guitar:) OH and I was so surprised that I managed to get silver for my fitness test when all I did in Korea was eat and eat😝 Sometimes I even ate 5 meals a day but I guess all the walking and lack of escalators really helped:) 이여행은 너무 재미있었어:) 나는 오랫동안 만난 적이없는 친구들을 만날 수있어서 종말 행복했어! 그리고 나는 한국어를 계속 배워~~ 내가 더 잘할수 있다면 좋을거야:) 화이팅!! 오! 미안하지만 내가 메시지를 답장하지 않았다면! 나는 내일까지 답장하고 사진을 보내~~ ㅋㅋㅋ (Realised I always have such a long caption ㅎㅎ! Short caption next time?!) #travel #graduationtrip #memories #여행스타그램 #친구스타그램 #latergram
四天的畢旅就這樣過去… 雖然很短暫 但在我黑暗的高中生活裡 卻給了我一顆耀眼的星星🌟 讓我繼續堅持下去 這是我高中三年最瘋狂也最快樂的時光了⏳ 最後真的要謝謝那些在我身邊陪伴我的人❤❤ #thesea #graduationtrip
- 朝思暮想的畢旅居然真的開始了 這應該是我目前去過最遠的國家吧 都到了南半球呢😂 明天要開始have fun摟 - #峇里島 #bali #graduationtrip #政要出企玩
I used the nose to chat with elephant🐘 #thiland #ayutthaya #ayutthayafloatingmarket #graduationtrip #elephant
媽媽我捱完哩20個鐘到香港啦🙈仲有1個鐘就番到屋企啦😍😍😍 #graduationtrip #suetstravelgram #hongkong #imback #homesweethome
It's a big deal😈😈 #graduationtrip #aquarium #fun
Unforgettable experience 非洲人的我,赶上斋月和周五,最美清真寺没能成行. Fine🤦🏻‍♀️ #madinetjumeirah #dubai #graduationtrip #selfie #sunsetbeach
- 10個石頭如果來得及堆起來的話,許的願望是希望妳們這些又好又可愛的人,別離開我太遠。 #graduationtrip #hualian #byebyegca