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For Symmetrical purposes, and because I'm partly OCD, ha.. Here's an extra one of WR Josh Smith... #GoVols 🔶⚫◻ *** And if you plan on turning pro, @jkshuttlesworth , now is the time to tell me.. Cause I'd add you here, if u planned on going.. ✊💯💯
To the Seniors, I say, "Dilly Dilly" 🍺🍺 #VFL 🔶◻ #GoVols 🍊🏈 #Volnation #DillyDilly #GBO #Team121 #BeatVandy #SeniorWeek 2017 Plus, not pictured Seniors, OLineman Thomas Edwards and Kicker Holden Foster Photo Credits- utsports, 247sports, Danny Parker, Grant Ramey, Randy Sartin, Getty Images, Icon Sportswire and Kim Klement... Thank you all for allowing me to borrow your photos, to be able to Thank All the UTK Football Seniors.. ***** No Copyright Intended nor Intentional Improper Use of Trademarks.. Any Logo's were added to make the post look at it's best, for the Seniors and their families...
Senior Kicker, #30 Holden Foster.. #GoVols 🔶⚫◻ #InStateVol #TNOurState #GBO 🍊🏈 Photo Credit - Ken Murry ( Icon Sportswire ) Getty
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See this face?! It means (even despite this season) I will defend the team that gave me my name! ❤🏈❤ @vol_sports @vol_football @utknoxville @utsmokey_00
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Had a great time at the University of Tennessee today. Got to spend some time with a couple of the Vol Cheerleaders! #GoBears #GoVols
Truth! 😂🍓
Seeing these two before their winter formal made me miss high school just the teeniest tiniest bit. #JaynaWatkinsPhotography