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Right this second, what are you thankful for? Thankfulness is an attitude of the heart. And thankfulness produces joy, regardless of the circumstances. Are you struggling to feel thankful? Are you in a season of life that is so overwhelming that "feeling thankful" sounds like a joke? You're not alone. EVERYONE experiences this feeling. But you CAN combat it. You DO have reasons to be thankful. Jot down a list of what you are thankful for: your family? your friends? your health? your job? Reread your list. You might be surprised to find your perspective shifts, and instead of focusing on what is wrong, you begin to see what is right and good and kind. So now, what are you thankful for?
#30daysofthankfulness Day 21 - my brother’s! I’ve got a chapter about each of them in my first book. That attempts to capture the impact they’ve both in my life. They taught me self- respect, determination, humor, unconditional love, how to stand my ground and to never be afraid to after what I want. They encourage, inspire and let me know they’re proud to call me their sister. Which, in my book- means the world! I’m thankful they’re my brother’s I’m fortunate we are best friends and I’m forever grateful that I know I have two of the biggest dudes on the planet, always in my corner! ❤️ And in two days, I can’t wait to spend all day being thankful and saying copious amounts of Turkey that Captain Mike will be smoking! Today and everyday, #GooniesNeverSayDie Love you guys!
Fat cat is so confused! Lol #gonnabebffs
happy birthday to this dime plus 99! 😘 lady, you are hands down one of my favorite humans! I’m so honored I’ve been able to call you my friend for the last eight years! we’ve gone on so many adventures, created so many memories, and have cried from so much laughter! I’m incredibly bummed I can’t be there to celebrate with you – you know how much I love you and miss you! but thanks for always being my ride or die, for always standing by me through thick and thin, and for being more than my friend but my family! I lovelovelove you!! 💙 #gooniesneversaydie #bradisrad #ooohducklings #catherinezetajones #tooblessedtobestressed
MAIL CALL: GOONIES doubloon replica arrived today. Solid metal with real patina. It's a beauty! #goonies #doubloon #gooniesneversaydie #movies #propreplica #replicaprop #theRPF
Wishing my absolute legend of a BFF an incredible 30th birthday. 🎈🎉🍦👯 @snickers087 . Thank you for being my friend . Simple as that. Everything from boys to shopping , roadtrips , weddings , house moves, city moves, travels, job changes and everything in between and all that life has yet to throw at us. Your friendship over the last 25 years has been the most consistent thing I have experienced my entire gypsy life. I am so sorry to miss this milestone and hope we can celebrate this and the many others to come on a beach somewhere in the world soon. You're an incredible mama to your littles , and the world is absolutely spoiled to have you. GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE. Sending love and bear hugs from New Zealand, Pookie
The "butidunwanna butigotta" face and fashion Just clean the mirror and quit lookin #gooniesneversaydie
And just like that, my 2017 #cyclocross season is over. It was short for me but so damn fun. So many rad people in my life to encourage me to get out there in light of the shit-storm that has been my life the last 3+ months. I'm gonna say it again, I have the best friends. . . . Thank You's to @irbeej, @meatycatbiceps, Andy Platt...and to new friends like @onehalebreath and last but not least, @kvaughn221 for letting me borrow his bike. . . . #RidesWithFriends #GooniesNeverSayDie #cross #crossracing #cyclocrossracing #RideWashington #Seattle #PacNorthwest #PacificNW #MFGcross #woodlandpark #Washington #pacnw #bikeracing #champsys #PNWcyclocross #oregon #oregonbikeracing #cx #sscx #singlespeed #onegear #LifeBehindBars #Strava #BodyGlide #bicycling #cycling #biking