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And if you don't know, now ya know. 😜🤣 Nate's TV show he is on, 60 days in, doesn't allow him the freedom to post whatever he wants, so I just haven't posted anything either about who "came out of nowhere and suddenly means the world to me." But I'm not under a contract, so I decided to spill the beans. Just don't go posting about it on forums and what not! (Please and thank you). Some of you saw the snaps, but are still asking questions. Well now ya know! This is Nate, incase you're not from my hometown, Allegan. He graduated a year below me, crazy enough. As you can see from this pic, we are two of a kind, and just found out! Life is crazy! I never thought I'd date another A-town boy, that's for dang sure. I'm so happy though, and I'm thankful we found our way back to each other after all these years. I never knew way back then, when seeing him at my best friends house hanging out with her little brother, that he would be the man in my life 17 years later! Can't wait for our fun weekend together! See you soon Nate. ❤️😘 #mysecretlover #nowyaknow #twoofakind #sillyfaces #Loverface
DID SOMEONE SAY SUMMER? 👙 Tonight at @trophybar 👉🏽 #geturfreakon 👌🏽 @bbeats & I are @chicknorrisdj's guest djs for the evening 🤘🏽come hang 🤙🏽
With the exception of a few tracks, this is my #Friday and quite possibly my #Weekend #soundtrack ! Very well put together album that showcases what happens when #collaboration works!! 😎🙌🙏 #Grateful #MajorKey #goodmusic #StayFocused #KeepPushing #AtlantaInfluencesEverything #NewLeaders #CreativeCultureCurator