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New theme for Goodmorningflashmob: “Winter is here” #gmfm_0951
#good_morning_flashmob 12/9/17 naked trees #gmfm_0950
December 8, 2017 Craft - At one time craft using seashells was very popular. Not sure if this art is still on. #gmfm_0948 #good_morning_flashmob
Sunday in Newry...
Okay let's talk about road etiquettes: . The signal 'just' turned green and there's a car in front of me. We are going to move, could you just wait for 5 seconds instead of honking like there's no tomorrow. . It just rained. You got new glasses so I'm sure you can see the puddle as well as the pedestrian next to it. You are dry and comfy in a car; they are not. At the very least have the courtesy of slowing down to make sure the splashes don't land on the person. . You want to pick up your friend from their house? The driver just came and your kids are waiting with their bags? By all means load in, but please exercise your half a brain worth of sense to park at the side of the road in consideration for the car very obviously waiting for your family of ten to get in and get moving because you are blocking the entire street. . Don't be a halfwit and stop your car just half in and half out of the U-turn. Especially if it's the fast lane of the other side that your bonnet's sticking out on. You have stopped to allow them to go first, except now you're blocking the way so they cant go unless they swerve onto the 2nd lane provided there's no car coming. So congratulations you just inconvenienced atleast 2 people because you couldnt brake on time. . Motorcyclists, please, for the love of God, if a car is indicating it wants to turn left and you want to go on straight then you go from their right side. You do not speed up and zoom past their bumper on the left, narrowly missing it by a few inches. . If you're coming down the wrong side of the road because you can't be bothered to drive a few extra minutes, then you bloody well make sure to stop for those who are coming the right way. It's their right of way, not yours. It's not your place here to show sass or throw an adult temper tantrum. . Rant Over and Out/
In a rebound effect my mind refuses to grind out a sophisticated caption.
November 30, 2017 Clouds - a very cloudy morning #gmfm_0940 #good_morning_flashmob #bestnatureshot_sky
Fluff Clouds and tiny boats
#good_morning_flashmob 11/28/17 close up of a leaf #gmfm_0939
November 29, 2017 Close-up of a leaf #gmfm_0939 #good_morning_flashmob #fc_leavespics
Sea rocks ... . I hope you will play along with my theme on @good_morning_flashmob today #gmfm_0937 😉
Thème ◀archway ▶ Vouloir visiter le parc de la Cuitadella. Sortir du métro et ne pas savoir quelle direction prendre. Plouf plouf! Aller tout droit à la recherche de l'arc de Triomf qui précède l'entrée. Trouver un joli parc mais pas d'arc, le traverser quand même, marcher le long d'une route, longer un stade de foot puis décider de revenir sur ses pas car ça sent pas la victoire. Donc reprendre la route, en sens inverse, repasser devant le métro et quelques minutes plus tard se dire, c'est là ! La reine du GPS, c'est moi! Challenge ◀ #gmfm_0936 #good_morning_flashmob#arcdetriomf #josepvilasecaicasanovas #modernisme #neomudejar #igersbarcelona #igersbcn #ig_barcelona #unlimitedbarcelona #visitbarcelona #barcelonaexperience #barcelonacity #barcelonagram #instantanciacat #igerseurope #ig_europe #europe_focus_on #europe_vacations #traveleurope #monument #archi_features #archi_focus_on #architecture_greatshots #ptk_architecture #archi_award #lookingup_architecture #ignantpicoftheday
November 26, 2017 Archway - I have a great affinity towards archways. This one of my many favourites. #gmfm_0936 #good_morning_flashmob #arches
November 23, 2017 Just a peek #gmfm_0933 #good_morning_flashmob
November 23, 2017 Empty Space #327_emptyspace #365_today
November 22, 2017 Blue sky - It is such a cloudy day today and that is a snall patch of blue sky I managed. #gmfm_0932 #good_morning_flashmob #skymasters_family #sky_brilliance #picturetokeep_sky #bestnatureshot_sky
Look at the class in this building. MashAllah 😍 . . . Felt like a break was in order before the next sprint. Exam season with winter. I don't remember it being so quiet before. With the fans off, the (mostly) playful screams of the kids on the right and the strains of the TV running on the left seem amplified. Makes me wonder k ye diwaren patli hain ya mujhe hyperacusis ho raha hai? 🤔
Thème ◀gates▶ Juste un tout petit bout de détail d'une église imposante. La basilique de la Visitation surplombe Annecy et intrigue. Après une petite grimpette (👺- petite, petite, elle est gentille l'autre, faut se les farcir les derniers escaliers, genre pas de soucis je suis sportive, tu parles 💭) on arrive à bon port et de près elle en jette. On veut voir si l''intérieur impressionne tout autant que l'extérieur mais porte close. Faudra revenir pendant les heures d'ouverture. Oui mais non, y a rien à faire là-haut et il fait frais pour un début juin (👺- frais, frais, elle est gentille l'autre, on se les pelaient ouais! 💭) donc on redescend, à regret. Et si on allait manger une crêpe? 👺 - Ah bah voilà enfin une idée qu'elle est bonne. Challenge ◀ #gmfm_0929 #good_morning_flashmob#basiliquedelavisitation #igersannecy #ig_annecy #aura_focus_on #gates #monument #architecture
"È una cosa strana. Quando ti accade di vedere il posto dove saresti salvo, sei sempre lí che lo guardi da fuori." (City - A. Baricco)
November 14, 2017 Street Performers - these performers were old timers but they sang beautifully to the tunes of the sixties outside Jaya Supermarket. They collect donations for the blind. #gmfm_0923 #good_morning_flashmob #street_performers #charity_show @snap_happy_1 #sph_46 #sph46_streetmusician #snappyhappychallenge
November 11, 2017 Windows - the kind that really attract my attention #gmfm_0922 #good_morning_flashmob #jj_doorsandwindows #jj_windows #ir_doorsandwindows #colonial #classic #colonialhouse
November 8, 2017 Living despite all difficulties - stranded plants #gmfm_0919 #good_morning_flashmob
Pumpkin seeds, the best part of carving a pumpkin. Now it's time to roast and salt them. 🎃 #jj_forum_2069 #samsunggalaxynote8 #365_happysnaps #tv_minimal #jj_minimal #minimalist #jj_lookingdown #9vaga_dailytheme9 #gmfm_0938 #good_morning_flashmob
November 4, 2017 It is a bit tough to go on long holidays at the moment because hubby just started on a new project and the Child is in the middle of her exam. Only mummy is on a long vacation now (recently retired). We take advantage of Saturday or Sunday for a day trip. Our recent trip was to visit the #memorial_negarawan. This photo was of the building of the #memorial_tunku_abdul_rahman Abdul Rahman taken from #Memorial_Tun_Husein_Onn which was launched by the son, Tan Sri Hishamuddin on Thursday. I really love the colonial arcitecture and I have in mind the many photos I am going to take. #gmfm_0915 #good_morning_flashmob #colonial_architecture #memorial #historical #rebels_united #rebelsunitednov2017potd #rebels_rooftop #rooftop
November 3, 2017 Street lamp #gmfm_0914 #good_morning_flashmob
October 31, 2017 The lone historian - my entry for One #gmfm_0911 #good_morning_flashmob #memorial_negarawan
O Lady of Peace and Good Voyage, Virgin of Antipolo, look kindly upon the needs of your children, as we journey to our home in heaven. . . . #prayer #ladyofpeaceandgoodvoyage #virginofantipolo #pilipinas #antipolocathedral #panalangin #tuklas_tradisyongpinoy #catholics
October 26, 2017 On a hill #good_morning_flashmob #gmfm_0906
Saw the most interesting laparoscopy of my life today. My eyes were opened to the fact that apart from knowing your anatomy on the tips of your fingers, you would do well to pray Nafl that the reality lives up to your expectations . In laparoscopy we insert narrow tubes into the abdomen, fill it up with gas so that we can move around better inside it, and then insert our camera, forceps and diathermies through those tubes. Now in this case, as soon as the camera went inside the abdomen it was like all the anatomy text books could be thrown out the window. Atleast for me. Everywhere the camera turned, all that could be seen were white lace like fibres running from wall to wall . It looked extremely beautiful and utterly confounding . No bowel could be made out, no uterus, no kidney. Nothing but white stuff. Those were adhesions btw. Occasionally you could see some yellow stuff thrown around, which looked like melted cheese. That was the adipose tissue. (And that was the stuck up way of saying 'fat' :p) . After a solid 15 mins of just moving the camera around and trying to find any of the usual organs, Dr. H finally spotted one that looked familiar. It could have been the uterus. Or bladder. Or rectum. Or ovary, which by the way is what we were after. . Anyyhoo, it took some PV probing by the assistant surgeon and a lot of conjecturing on the behalf of the doctors gazing bemusedly at the screen to decide that 'that' thing was the uterus. Except the ovaries couldnt be made out at all. Khair after removing a couple of adhesions, a mobile globular structure came into view. Everyone was sure that that was one of the elusive ovarian cysts. . Then someone suggested to deflate the balloon of the Foleys catheter, you know, just to be sure, and lo and behold! the 'cyst' was no longer apparent! . At that point it was decided to stop the procedure, give the patient some drugs to decrease the adhesions and then repeat in a few months insha'Allah. . So that was the story of how my naive idea that laparoscopies are so easy was dumped down the toilet in a very memorable way. Sheesh!