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My mum is barmy! She sings as she comes down the stairs and sees me "my handsome handsomest preciousest jewel of the nile" - what kind of crazy poop is that??!! 😂🤔😂 #goldenretriever #goldenretrieverlove #goldenretievers #goldenboy #goldensofig #goldensofinstagram #retrieveroftheday #retriever #bestfriend #barkhappy
My aunt delivered some beautiful babies yesterday!!!! My mom is obsessed with her golden sisters and I am just as obsessed with them. Sadie is the perfect mama and knew exactly what to do right away with her first litter which she had last year and her second litter! She is so amazing to her babies, unfortunately this is her last litter but maybe mom will get one a few years down from Sadies daughter Piper if we breed her. My mom has grown up with goldens her whole life and although she loves saving and rescuing animals like me I know she wants a golden pup in her future and I would love a golden sibling because that is what I've grown up with! #goldenretriever #goldenretievers #goldenretrieverpuppy