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Day 19: Ranunculus aka disaster on paper. I do not enjoy having an audience when I paint!! #goaway #cbdrawaday #IGYTcolour #andsinkfurtherintonotenjoyingthis #comebackmojo
I might need to sleep 🐶 #morningmotivation #blacklab #goaway
When you look good even when you're fast asleep. Naturally good looking and I don't need a fucking filter. It's tragic how jealous and envious people can be of someone. I've gone through my entire life fighting with people always trying to bring me down. Bullying and harassing me over anything and everything. Always trying to dig into my looks, my body, my tattoos, my clothes, my car(s), house, money & etc. it's all because of their own self insecurities. I mean I really feel bad for people who don't have a life or a hobby! It must really suck being so jealous of someone that you'll stalk their entire life and be so fucking damn obsessed with them. Go to the extreme to spread rumors to have people hate on someone they don't even know? Everyone wants to put my name in everyone else's mouth and give them a bad taste of me. The people who get to know me, know I'm a good, caring, generous, funny, crazy, wild and fun person to be around. You know people in life will always try to steal someone else's sunshine. I NEVER asked to be popular. ALL you people are sickly obsessed with me. With how many concerts I go to. How many celebrities I meet. How much money I have. Where I live. What I'm always doing. Where I'm traveling to. Why don't you worry about your damn empty life of NOTHING and DON'T worry about little ol' me. I'm living my life and I will continue to live my fucking life as I've always have. If you life sucking obsessed desperate poor excuses of human life have nothing better else to do with yourself or your time; I highly suggest you go seek professional help. You may indeed have serious mental illness. Maybe you little jealous bastards need a bottle and a nap. A lot of you big ass babies need to grow the fuck up and stop being so damn obsessed with me. You'll never be on my level and I mean NEVER! Go ahead and talk as much as shit as you want because it just shows how sick of a person you are. I hope you all really get the professional help you really need. Karma's a motherfucker and you will all meet your match one day. Anyway, sweet dreams you son of bitches. There's a place for all of you in hell. 😴
women are not your broodmares, just like you don’t want objectification; neither do we so knock us off your pedestals we’re not paintings to hang in your art gallery— “do you want to go out?” you asked; no, i most certainly do not all i want to do is to go home without being harassed— i have a right to walk home without listening to your voice or being hit on; you are a stranger, and i don’t talk to them— i have a right to walk down the sidewalk and not have to inwardly groan when i see you and your dog yet again; mother said to take it as a compliment, but how can i? when it’s against everything i am; i am more than a pretty face! there’s a heart beating in my chest, a fiery passion in my blood; i have talents and inspirations and a soul that breathes— just because i’m alive doesn’t mean i want to be objectified, if anything it means i want someone to appreciate the whole of me not to simply see my beauty and covet it as theirs. #LindaMCrate #notjustaprettyface #goaway #nomeansno #ideservebetter #nottoday #notever #selfworth #myworth
2nd invader came overnight !! Pengsan...... Go go go away ........ #invader #cat #wildcat #pattern #wtf #nopet #2nd #omg #goaway #adopt #please #入侵者 #第二位 #得寸進尺 #非貓奴
My girl #LorrieMorgan is playing a show on Friday in Jacksonville Florida! If you are in the area you don't wanna miss it! She's simply the best! ❤️ #inspiration #angels #gypsy #GoAway #CountryMusic #RealCountryMusic #MyGirl #LoveHerToPieces #KindredSpirits #SweetHeart #Legend #Mentor #SweetSoul #LiveMusic #MusicBusiness #Nashville #Oklahoma #jacksonvillefl @eujacksonville