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Does this work as #nameplate for #gmfm_0748 #tsp #dogpark. A #tribute to #dogs past. I'll have a #voiceover #recording reading the #poem in the center of the #plaque titled, Rainbow Bridge on my #audioboom pg soon. Some of the #names of the dogs on the plaque are: Pepperoni Sen, Honey Bear, Frisbee Keller, Rusty Kazinsky, Lissy, Hipper Pinzer ...
The best name plate I know of #gmfm_0748
Oliver, pig in the rubbish. One of four, 'A day out' by Marguerite Derricourt. 1999. Bronze. Rundle Mall, Adelaide.
Because of fires, the French Quarter is actually mostly Spanish architecture now. There was a point in time when the city mandated that each house place a large jar of water in the courtyard or front steps so that fires could be quickly put out before they spread. Unfortunately, all that standing water attracted mosquitoes and yellow fever wiped out a lot of the city's population seasonally. Which just goes to show in averting small risks sometimes you attract bigger ones. . #jj_forum_1907 #travelgram #wall #gmfm_0748 #fms_learn