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. . Meanwhile during my stay in Paris... A hidden encounter in Brasserie Le Sélect on the Boulevard du Montparnasse... . . ~”He’s only just sat down in the cafe when she enters and stands at the counter waiting to be served. . He lets his latte settle. Allows his eyes to scrutinize. The waitress serves the woman in the white hat and black dress. . He notes her fine figure, the high sealed neck, the sultry and dreamy looks in the eyes. . He tries to breathe in from where he sits her perfume, but it doesn’t come. . The woman orders an espresso and says it with an American accent. . He follows her with his eyes as she walks to a table alone. She looks like a girl Modigliani would have painted. . She looks at her watch and then around the room of the cafe. She crosses her legs, one over the other, thigh revealed. . He sips his latte. Wipes his lips with the back of his hand. Bad habit, his late mother would have slapped his hand as a child once. . The waitress delivers the woman’s coffee; he notes the waitress’s fine behind, the hands serving, the legs touching together. Then she’s gone. . Just the woman in the white hat to study. The way she lifts up the white cup to her mouth, her fingers holding delicately, as if afraid to break. . ‘Get a life’, Brody would say If he were there. But he’s not; he’s away with that girl from the office, having a lay. . The woman in the hat stares at him, her eyes devour, her lips part like legs before sex. She looks boringly away. . He sips more latte. He doesn’t like her white hat or black dress anyway.”~ . . Personal note: This is a specific scripting moment from my fictitious film direction, assigned to my good IG friend: Cinematographer @arthurhimpel . .
I colori meravigliosi che ci regala l'autunno 😍🍁 Ph. @jonathan.lorilla
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Black friday....🤪