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Rant: Eventhough I post silly pics of me. Eventhough I post pics of me in sexy poses. Eventhough I appear to be confident. Eventhough I'm mostly happy recently. I post these, because I still find myself. I still build confidence in being just me. I still suffer from attacks of dysphoria that can be triggered by asking things of me that I'm not willing to do. This here are the only Dick Pics you will get from me! I won't sent you pictures of my genitals. They are non of your business and asking me to take a picture of the thing down there between my legs cause me severe discomfort. It makes me want to harm myself. It makes me feel horrible. Because IT REMINDS ME THAT I'M TRAPPED IN THE WRONG BODY!!! I'm proud of what I was able to achieve and accomplish being born into the wrong body. I'm not transitioning because it's all sssssooo much fun. I'm not doing it for shits and giggles. I'm not doing it so I can be your mindless plaything, your sexual object, your pleasure slave. I'm transitioning because otherwise I could and would not be able to survive. Asking me to send you pictures of what I still have in my panties makes me wanna kill myself. I'm not transitioning because I'm a freak, a a pervert or a sex addict. I'm not transitioning because I have crisis or psychotic breakdown. I'm not transitioning to get attention. I'm transitioning because it is the only way for me to find happiness and peace of mind. I'm transitioning because it is the only way to ease my suffering. I'm transitioning because I have to. I have to escape a prison of flesh and bone. Transform something that caused me unhappiness, depression, suicidal thoughts into something that makes me happy, peaceful, alive. Don't ask me to send you Dick pics, because I'm not a man and I'm not proud of this thing down there that I was born with. Don't trigger me! /rant off. - - A pissed of, distressed and now crying Justine says good Night. Sorry for the rant. - - #trans #mtftransgender #girlslikeus #transpride #transisbeautiful #transgender #transwoman #lgbt #lgbtq #mtf #transgirl #tgirl #transsexual #instatrans #m2f #mtftransgender #rant #thisiswhattranslookslike #instagood #instalike
Sometimes women that have children think I don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to "children's topics" because they assume that I as a transgender woman don't know anything at all. There was this one time some girl I knew said, "Dianna your opinion doesn't really matter girl, you're my friend but you aren't a mother"... (I felted hurt when. She told me that) everyone that knows me personally knows I have a lot of experience with children, I started babysitting at an early age (12), by the age of 18 I started taking classes on child care ... and became a child care provider for ACS (administration for children services) I have more certificates in child care and I'm well educated. So next time you ladies ask something about children, don't judge the person that gives you the advice, some cis woman and trans woman may not have children, but trust me we know what we're talking about. Some of you don't even know how to raise your kids and no one says anything about it.... (I BLURRED THE NAME BECAUSE I DON'T USE THAT NAME ANYMORE) 🤓😉 #childcareprovider #babysitter #transwomenarewomen #transgendere #transisbeautiful #girlslikeus #transgendermotivation #transadvice
Just checking in! Feeling a little better but still taking it easy! I'm shocked everyday by how beautiful it's healing & I fall more and more in love with my new body every day. I was able to graduate to the largest dilator this week, while terrifying as it looks it wasn't that bad ;) The most difficult thing still is moving around, I get tired very quickly and can't do a lot of things still. Each day is a new page in this new chapter of my life. Love you all so much! Have a great weekend. 💋
Patiently waiting for brunch to start right after her husbands funeral 🖤 #aprilshowers #dragqueen #brunch #queen #girlslikeus
Even though a lot people I know personally won't say it, I'm proud I could finally change my life around to the way it should have always been.
Shout out out to gia manmade and ghost project, made it on national news! #girlslikeus #transisbeautiful #ttimewiththegurlz #transgiving
Another amazing job by the talented @kirstenw42 . Thank you sooo much for making helping me feel so beautiful 💜💜💜 #hairlabprovidence #hairdid #beautiful #mtf #transisbeautiful #girlslikeus #loveit #hair
Change is necessary