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My name is Guna and I create art. Don’t worry: if you want a killer visual identity, you’re definitely in the right place. However, the difference between me and and all the other brand stylists out there… is that I’m an artist. I don’t just create graphics and visuals for you: I create beautiful pieces of art that help you share your message with the world in the most powerful way possible. I wasn’t always doing what I love though… If you want to hear all story, make sure you sign up for GM Insider news as I will tell it very soon {link in bio of course }.. all the goodies goes first to my circle, always 💚 xoxo Guna
I have 2 tips for you, my beautiful people. 1 - don't be forgotten. I love this little flower that my gorgeous daughter picked up, and thinking about its name {Forget Me Not} led me to this thought: Show up, tell stories, be around, be approachable & caring that people don't forget you and your amazing gift. 2- enjoy weekend 💚🌿💚
"Always Be A First Rate Version Of Yourself Instead Of A Second Rate Version Of Someone Else" ~ Judy Garland. Couldn't say more beautiful like she. DO YOU #LiveLifeYOULove #LiveTHELifeYOULove How do you like my tropical leaves? Created with #ipadprocreate
Create an outstanding brand and magical things will happen. You will be able to pick and chose the work you take on, charge what you are worth and run your business on your OWN terms. No longer will you need to waste time and effort on those clients who drain your energy or on work that doesn't ignite your passion. Be positive, passionate and authentic, let your talents shine through and create the sort of business that people ache to be associated with! #LiveLifeYOULove #LiveTHELifeYOULove
Wednesday's thought: Put yourself in a truly unique niche and you will find that doing business becomes infinitely easier. When you are secure in your business offering and you are not chasing every piece of work that comes your way, you can think clearly. Competition is no longer to be feared {well have never been if you are same like me - all about collaboration}. Work with the right people and magic will happen. In meantime had peaceful evening drawing very inspiring and artistic person. Check out @lavendaire she is incredible 🌊💚🌿
This print by @sevenswansstationery was a gift from a lovely friend of mine a fellow jewellery designer who has always been an inspiration to me thanks @pdeansdundas #girlboss #stationary #SophiaAmoruso #girlbosstv #nastygal
"What do you mean you can't pick up after six? You're a 24/7 messenger service" This is my terrible Sophia Marlowe cosplay from 1x04 ❤ More photos you can see here @artisticbrittany #brittrobertson #girlboss #netflix2017 #nastygal #sophiamarlowe #sophiaamoruso #girlbosstv #netflix #dylanobrien #thesecretcircle #elliereed #kaycannon @brittlrobertson @brittdaboss @sophiaamoruso @girlbossnetflix @esreed
"Now, why don't you just try to put yourself in my shoes for a moment? What do you mean you can't? It's just a saying, Karen, jeez." terrible Sophia Marlowe cosplay from 1x04 ❤ #brittrobertson #girlboss #netflix2017 #nastygal #sophiamarlowe #sophiaamoruso #girlbosstv #netflix #dylanobrien #thesecretcircle #elliereed #kaycannon @brittlrobertson @brittdaboss @sophiaamoruso @girlbossnetflix @esreed @kaykaycannon
"Why i am still here, and why am i not in the jeans that I showed up in?!" Haha. Its terrible Sophia Marlowe cosplay from 1x04 ❤ #brittrobertson #girlboss #netflix2017 #nastygal #sophiamarlowe #sophiaamoruso #girlbosstv #netflix #dylanobrien #thesecretcircle #elliereed #kaycannon @brittlrobertson @brittdaboss @sophiaamoruso @girlbossnetflix @esreed @kaykaycannon
#Repost @kaykaycannon ( @get_repost) ・・・ On the set of #girlbosstv giving thoughts before shooting the last scene of our first season. @amanda_rea @esreed @brittlrobertson @coleescola @koshadelhi @christianditter. #happygirlbossday #netflix
Have you binged Girlboss yet?! Season one is sittin' pretty on your Netflix queue -- you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll dance, you'll want to give your closet a makeover. #girlbosstv #girlbossnetflix #girlboss