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Há coisas que não devem ser alteradas, as Anna's Thins são um exemplo disso. A marca Sueca mantém a sua receita desde 1929. As bolachas continuam desde então: Finas, crocantes e muito saborosas. https://www.glood.pt/produtos?term=anna #Glood #Gloodstore #MerceariadoMundo #AnnaThins #AlmondThins #GingerThins
Love goodie bags from mothers trip to the lakes! Thanks @palmerdsa you know me too well #lovethelakes #gin #lovemelovemydog #gingerthins #annas
sweet and fluffy treats 🐰🍪🇸🇪
Lazy Sunday afternoon 😌🍂 #GingerThins
Cheeky little Glute and Shoulder blast, post workout. 30 seconds prowler @ BW (50kgs), 30 seconds rest, 30 seconds handstand walks, 30 seconds rest. Repeat 5 rounds. If handstand walks aren't you're thing, try TRX Pikes or bear crawl. Give it a go and let me know how you go. 🍑🍑🍑🔥🔥🔥 #vertuemethod #vertueliving #newbalanceambassador #nbwomen 🎥: @maitre_dj ❤️
Troppo caldo per accendere i fornelli e preparare il pranzo🌞🌞🌞 oggi è l'occasione per approfittare di una super dose di #gelato 🍦 rigorosamente artigianale di @gelateria_ice_street , #pinolata #fiordilatte e #pistacchio 😋😋 e poi un biscotto 🍪 dal nome impronunciabile 😂 #pepparkakka di #ikeafood al gusto di #gingerthins ( la mia nuova dipendenza 😅)* • • #foodporn #foodblogger #foodpassion #dinner #breakfast #foodiegram #foodadict #foodphotography #tasty #delicious #foodgasm #foodpic
We don't need a special day to bake cakes or cookies because any day is a good day for a Swedish "fika"! Today we treated ourselves with some Swedish strawberry & wild strawberry layer cake and some oat & ginger biscuits - all sugarless (made with our own honey!) 😊 /Non ci serve una giornata particolare per fare dolci perché ogni giorno è buono per una "fika" svedese! Oggi ci abbiamo trattato con una torta svedese di fragole e fragole di bosco nostrane e un po di biscotti di avena & zenzero - tutto senza zucchero (fatto con il nostro miele!)
Ok, so Pippi didn't teach us everything we needed to know about pepparkakor 😢 These are our pale and insipid not-so ginger thins from an alleged 'old and authentic Swedish recipe'. Tasted nothing like the real thing. (The perils of a Pinterest search). Perhaps you can help? Please post your decently gingery spicy, dark brown pepparkakor recipes for my mini chefs to make tomorrow! Something that Pippi Longstocking would be proud of!
Tea💕 & Pepparkaka "ginger thins organic" #pepparkaka #gingerthins
Anna's Ginger Thins from @migros (thank you @hngryvegan !) (palm oil free:❌)