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A couplea lines and a couplea pictures of weird hills made of dirt. The desert is pretty otherworldly. . . #ghostranch #newmexico #nmtrue #sketch #sketchbook #drawing #draw #ink #penandink #micronpen #micron #roadtrip #desert
Much of the reason I went to New Mexico in the first place was to visit Georgia O'Keeffe's Ghost Ranch, an incredible 230 million-year-old landscape in Abiquiu that inspired her most iconic paintings. 🙌😭The homestead is famous for its red hills, yellow mesas, and magnificent, multilayered cliff walls nestled within the embrace of Cerro Pedernal-- it's about 1.5 hours outside of Santa Fe in the middle of nowhere, off of Highway 84. Ghost Ranch is a vast, sacred space of surreal beauty, and you can see some of O'Keeffe's paintings of this exact landscape in my Instagram story. (It was WILD to see this in real life. Beautiful.🙏) The lore and myth surrounding Ghost Ranch dates back to the 1870's, when the Archuleta Brothers who established the ranch were accused of stealing horses and hung from trees on their own property, thus the attribution of the name "Ghost". 😣Decades later, after a local Presbyterian sect converted it into a retreat center, Georgia O'Keeffe visited New Mexico for the first time and was absolutely besotted by the landscape. In 1929, she stayed in a house on Ghost Ranch and began painting abstracts of Pedernal Mountain (also in my Insta story). From there, she never looked back. She returned every year for 5 years before eventually settling in nearby Abiquiu, where she lived and worked until she was 98 yrs old. Around that time, "Indiana Jones" was filmed at Ghost Ranch, as was "Silverado", "Young Guns", "City Slickers", and later "All The Pretty Horses" (Matt Damon, Penelope Cruz), "Cowboys and Aliens" (Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig), and most recently, "The Magnificent Seven" with Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt. (I took a phone call here in the same old phone booth as Denzel in this movie 😎🤙). We hiked through the same landscape canonized by Georgia O'Keeffe (and later, Hollywood) on the incredible Box Canyon Trail, where I took this photo. Box Canyon Trail leads to an important paleontological site where dinosaur bones were found, thus the Indiana Jones connection. (The skeleton of a Triassic dinosaur named Coelophysis was found here in 1947.) But regardless of all this, and most importantly...it's also just a cool place to hike. 🙌☺️
Channeling Georgia O'Keefe.
“I've been absolutely terrified every moment of my life - and I've never let it keep me from doing a single thing I've wanted to do.” - Georgia O’Keeffe #EandJMuse
More beautiful Hwy 84: Ghost Ranch Retreat Center/ Abiquiu Lake #landofenchantment #ghostranch
Georgia said we can move in anytime . #ghostranch #georgiaokeeffe #honeymooning
Shadows... From another time. Happily lost in a space of timelessness. . . . . . . . #ghostranch #wrangler #life #shadows
This is @lisadenardo doing my last day of the takeover. Just a few miles down the road from Abiquiu Lake is the Ghost Ranch. There is so much history to it and stopping into the small museums there is well worth the trip. My visit was a completely unplanned stop. So I headed out on one of the main easy trails since I didn't allot much time for hiking. I really would love to return to do some serious hikes at some point though. This is Kitchen Mesa. I love how the red rocks just shoot straight out of the earth and provide such a drastic contrast with the blue sky. ⠀ #travelnm #travelnewmexico #getsidetracked #instagramersnm #hikenm #simplysantafe #simplyabq #ghostranch #abiquiu #abiquiunm #kitchenmesa