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Como si fuera magia #whpperfectpair @instagram
There were so many stunning views from the windows around chepstow castle, if you pay this beautiful castle a visit be sure to keep looking through every window and nook and cranny as their are wonderful views to be seen and captured everywhere #chepstowcastle #chepstow #scenery #castle #travelphotography #travel #daysout
Taking the next train home
The very beautiful tintern Abbey.. now I'm sure so many people have the same issue as me when it comes to getting a shot without people being in it, well when I took this photo there were approx 6 or 7 people stood right in the middle of it but with a little bit if editing using the excellent healing mode in #snapseed I was able to remove them and thus make the pic so much better. If you have never used snapseed it really is so simple to make huge improvements to your pics 😊 #tinternabbey #travel #travelphotography
Cinnamon helps you out! Try some in your hot chocolate.