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• workmode • eerst eventjes wat dingen doen en straks de stad in voor Black friday. Tijd om te shoppennnn!
I'm grateful for every opportunity thrown at me and for all the people who helped me along the way. Happy Thanksgiving! • • • • • #greatworkonline #virtualassistant #digitalworld
When I'm darn determined...I can get $hit done! Workout done, lunches packed, kids dressed and we're out the door for school. I could have sat in bed with my eyes closed until the alarm went off... but was it really going to be an additional 30 minutes of quality sleep? Not really, so I squeezed in a core function workout while the kids ate breakfast! And now I feel like I can tackle anything! All because I turned those extra 30 minutes into QUALITY
Do you have goals? Yes, you might say. Are they written down? Have you worked out the major steps required for you to accomplish that goal? And what are the daily tasks that underpin those major steps that will ultimately take you in a straight line towards your goal? This level of practicality, of detail, is what is necessary in effective goal setting. You’ve GOT to take the time to set your goals up properly - only then will the chances of you achieving that goal increase exponentially. #goals #success #blueprint #katrinabromell #coach #coachhawthorn #getstuffdone #accomplishment #thisishowitsdone #breakitdown
From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving. (PG version). 🦃🍽🍁❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ~ ~ ~ #thanksgiving #seinfeld #shepersisted #harperleo #instablogger #momtruths #igers #instafood #getstuffdone #pietime
You know what it is...
Mompreneur life!!! Conduct your business anywhere.... in the car while your 3 year old is passed out!! #momlife💕
Getting that garage sorted in time for Xmas #getstuffdone #sortandsell #fresnaye #happyclient #beforeandafter #fairymagic
Let me help you make 2018 your most productive year ever. Here are two awesome offers - good only until Sunday, November 26 at 9:01pm CT. http://goo.gl/1WZfoz
Potatoes cooking, pasta for mac & cheese done, dishes washed, load of laundry started, I've showered, and now to enjoy some caffeine since I've done 10x the amount of stuff I usually do before 10 am. Next- get dressed, hair and makeup, and then finish everything! Tonight.......we drink.
Are you focused on your vision or are distractions getting the better of you? 📷: @bennyesco Refocus tomorrow and smash your goals for the week! 👊💪💥
I am so thankful for all of YOU! This community inspires me each and every day to achieve my dreams.
Smh 🤦‍♀️ seriously tho #memes #icant #getstuffdone #funny #nosusan #lol
Got a sudden rush of stuff on and have switched off radio and am tapping away. It's therapeutic sometimes to not have any noise whilst working. The cat can't be helped. It's neither use nor ornament and am cross that it's stood by as we've become home to a demented rat that understands how traps work and likes to lick peanut butter from the trap and then dance off into the floorboards again. Oh well...you win and lose some I guess #thursdayvibes #work #cats #silence #getstuffdone #rodentsofinstagram