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we saw humpback whales today - or at least the tail of it 🐳
With this sunrise the #exp2cam was concluded, after an entire night spent capturing the milky way, this was the view when the sun came out. #neverstop @salewa @nikonitalia @teolightyear3
Whether you want to go back in time and reminisce on your favourite road trip (mine would be to @avocavalleybnb) or capture hilarious unexpected moments. @lasercorporation keeps me protected with its Navig8r X Series, perfect for Aussie roads. Cutting edge dash cams, some with GPS tracking, dual camera, wide angle front view and HD video day or night. Visit Laserco.com.au/winamini for your chance to ‘Win a Mini’ this Christmas when your purchase a Navig8r product at participating retailers.
Be thankful. Be humble. Be your passion. #getoutside
UW Series : Still my all-time favorite creature ❤️ Nemo . 📸 #sonya6000 case @meikon.com.hk . 📍 East Tanget Shipwreck
Fall colors in Paradise. 10.28.2017
No filter needed for the fire in the sky #surf #morocco #lasource #sunrise #sea #kooktasticshredfest #dawnie #getoutstayout