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Space Invaders being so influential, this lucky accident mutated into the whole concept of a difficulty curve in video games. #geekfact #spaceinvaders #videogame @geek.us.up
So that everyone can have heroic moments! #geekfact #cranium #boardgame @geek.us.up
#geekfact ! Na danasnji dan,prije 50 godina,nastala je cuvena vulkanska poslovica i najpoznatija fraza svih Star Trek serijala, "Live long and prosper", ili ti ponaskijem - "zivi dugo i uspjesno". 🖖 #instapic #startrek #mrspock #leonardnimoy #livelongandprosper #50years #tv #movies #l4l #vulcanwisdom
And that's why it's called ''Final Fantasy'', it was in fact given because the game was intended to be his final work. #geekfact #finalfantasy #hironobusakaguchi @geek.us.up
Bourbon: Bulleit Bourbon (Diageo) Type: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Proof: 90 (45.0% ABV) Distillery: Not provided. Previous iterations were distilled at the Four Roses Distillery. Nose: The nose is deceptively sweet with a mix of caramel and vanilla that mimics cake frosting. There's just a small touch of oak and citrus to the nose. Palate: Oak is more pronounced than in the nose with a backing of vanilla and pepper. Considering the level of rye, it's not as spicy as you would expect but provides a good developed spice. Finish: The finish is long with citrus, oak and spice notes closing everything out. Geek Fact: Bulleit Bourbon, as we get to sample it today, was first introduced in 1987 by Tom Bulleit. The recipe is a take on his great great grandfather's whiskey recipe which was 2/3rds rye and 1/3rd corn. The current mash bill is 68% corn / 28% rye /4% malted barley and tends to be a favorite among bartenders because of the high rye recipe which adds an extra punch in cocktails. Bulleit is now being distilled in a 54' high Vendome still that the company has opened this year and is getting ready to have visitors soon. #bourbongeeks #bourbon #geekfact #bulleit #bulleitbourbon #bourbonfestival #kybourbonfest2017
If you could, which Symbiote would you bond with? #geekfact #symbiote #venom #antivenom #toxin @geek.us.up
Guest Villain: the Wolf LOL 🤣 #geekfact #spiderman #marvel @geek.us.up
@Regrann from @geek.us.up - The tickling criminal was also apparently sent a jigsaw piece that told him to do what he did, which was the inspiration behind the Jigsaw Killer in the films. #geekfact #jigsawkiller #saw @geek.us.up - #regrann
The tickling criminal was also apparently sent a jigsaw piece that told him to do what he did, which was the inspiration behind the Jigsaw Killer in the films. #geekfact #jigsawkiller #saw @geek.us.up
Many critics agree that this was the very moment the world fell in love with Roberts. #geekfact #prettywoman #juliaroberts #richardgere @geek.us.up
The action was cut so quickly in editing that it gives the illusion of Travolta slamming the needle down. #geekfact #pulpfiction #quentintarantino @geek.us.up
Back in 1962, the mine beneath the town caught fire. The trash fire traveled through an opening in the mine where it ignited the large coal deposits below, feeding off of coal and the oxygen traveling through the mine shaft openings on the surface, the fire raged out of control. And it is still burning today! #geekfact #silenthill #centralia #ghosttown @geek.us.up
Bourbon: Elmer T. Lee (Buffalo Trace/Sazerac) Type: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Proof: 90.0 (45% ABV) Distilled at: Buffalo Trace Distillery Nose: Light and balanced with honey, vanilla, clove and oak. Nothing overpowering or out of sync with this bourbon. Palate: Vanilla and honey upfront that develops into caramelized peaches on top of maple syrup and dry oak. Finish: A medium finish with just a bit of warmth. The flavor evolves into tobacco and black pepper with just a hint of dark fruit. Geek Fact: It seemed fitting to honor a true Hall of Famer during Bourbon Heritage Month! Elmer T. Lee worked with bourbon from his first job at the George T. Stagg Distillery in 1949 until his passing in 2013. Among his hard earned achievements, he is lauded as being the individual to first introduce the "single barrel" concept by bringing Blanton's bourbon to market in 1984. After Lee officially retired in 1985, Buffalo Trace introduced a bourbon named in Lee's honor. Lee would personally select the barrels that became Elmer T. Lee bourbon well into the 90's. The hard-to-find bottle continues to receive award after award every year paying a fitting homage to the hard working, premium bourbon, creator. #Cheers! #bourbonheritagemonth #bourbongeeks #bourbon #geekfact #elmertlee #buffalotracedistillery #elmertleebourbon
This course was proposed back in 2012, and it’s not clear if the course is currently scheduled, though we’re sure they wouldn’t have a problem filling the seats. #geekfact #batman #college @geek.us.up