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Updated inventory as of 10:30PM Tonight: A TOTAL of 28 Pairs of @garyvee @kswiss Available for Sale: #garyvee001 Sizes 9/9.5/11/12 #garyvee002 Sizes 8.5/9/9.5/10.5🔥🔥🌎🌎📦📦 #sneakers #2017flipchallenge #kswiss #impacttheory #airjordan #garyvee #garyvaynerchuk #ebayseller #nike #addidas #vaynermedia #vaynernation #hustlehard #entrepreneur #grind
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No days off. Putting together a bid for Tri Best Specialties. #blueprints #nodaysoff #chasingdreams #catchmeifyoucan #sundayfunday
Check it out!
Great weekend at the @atavusrugby camp. Learned a lot and had a great time🏉
Winners are not people who never fail, but rather people who never QUIT. Don’t come this far just to come this far!! Keep pushing, keep grinding, keep growing. 👊🏽💭
How big do you talk? Does your attitude match your goals..
"It doesn't matter if you win the first half. It doesn't matter if you're up 17 in the 4th quarter. You've gotta win the actual game." @garyvee _______________________________________________________ 💥Winners Win. No matter what it takes. #NeverSettle
Just because you've hit your goal, it doesn't mean it's time to stop and set up camp. It's just a checkpoint in this journey called life. Keep moving. Keep winning.
Don’t tell me I’m blessed when I worked my ass off...😳 . Don’t tell me I’m lucky... I worked my ass off...😳 . Don’t tell me nothing other than you got off your ass and made shit happen 💯. Follow —-> 👉🏽👉🏽 @freddyhustle84 👈🏽👈🏽
💥BANGER💥 Just finished up a killer Back and Bi’s workout with some cardio and abs feeling amazing! After Fasting for 24 hours, I’m ready to chow down on some meat! The Keto Diet has been amazing for me and others. I’ll be posting some meals along my journey. A lot of people tell me how hard it must be giving up sugars and carbs but it’s all about your mindset! Too many people quit or give up on it and never understand the reward at the end of the tunnel. Everyday it takes a lot not to say let’s go smash some chipotle burritos and wash it down with a nice cold beer or Rockstar. That’s tough but being focused on the goal and not stopping until you hit it is something special. If you give into temptation you’ve failed and I don’t like to lose or fail. I’ve lost 35LBs since 9/11/17 by changing my diet, getting back into the gym and doing more cardio and abs. I hate running but you have to do things you don’t like to do to see the greatest rewards. I’m going to keep pushing to hit my goal. It’s a life style shocker for me but no one else is going to do it for me. Some people tell me I’m too much but there’s a lot of you that have reached out telling me thank you because you’ve got back in the gym or you’ve pushed yourself to get a promotion. I appreciate that and I’ll keep moving forward with my goals and in anyway I can help you reach yours I’ll do it! #fit2fat2fit #keto #gainz #fitfam #dailymotivation #thegrind #ketodiet #changes #Jockowillinks #grantcardone #garyvee #dailyvee #ericthomas
2018 around the corner...what we gon' do? Takeover! #DVSN1Media #garyvee #russgaryvee
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