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Let this be a reminder, and I will keep saying it for as long as I need to; That thing that keeps niggling away at you That thing you REALLY REALLY want to try and do I can PROMISE you, it is NEVER going to disappear And it will end up driving you literally INSANE if you don't pursue it No amount of fear is ever going to make it disappear, so that you can just forget about it, and hope it will just stop being a 'thing' You cannot run from who you are and what naturally comes to you/speaks to you/drives you You just can't That would be like chocolate trying to be ice cream it's entire life, instead of being chocolate It's THAT, clear It is literally impossible for you to be happy and live on purpose if you are running from who you are and what you know you are here to do So basically what I am saying is Do it NOW And save yourself days, weeks, months or even years of internal unfulfillment and dis-ease because you keep running from who you are. It will never work, and eventually, you WILL crack
To become the best you need to learn from the best 🙌 This weekend I spent an amazing 3 days learning invaluable business skills from the digital king of Australia; Kerwin Rae. Over the years I’ve spent thousands of dollars attending business seminars and workshops and I can absolutely gaurentee that it is the reason why my business is successful today. I gets tons on messages on this page every week from people asking me ‘how do I become successful, what can I do??’ If you’re one of those people, PLEASE listen up: you NEED to invest in education. You need to attend seminars and workshops and do courses. You need to stop looking at these things as expensive costs, and start looking at them as invaluable investments. In order to succeed in anything we have to keep growing. If we’re not growing we’re dying. Investing in education and mentoring is the fastest path to greatness.
#sundayservice with @garyvee 💥 #Repost @garyvee - What happened in the past is just that. - Please afford me the honor to allow this post on this morning to be a jump start of optimism because my friends its an optimistic point a view that is either missing or will be the secret to how the rest of your day/week/month/year/life plays out.
It's pretty simple. You can rest on your excuses, and say you don't feel motivated enough, but if you aren't where you want to be when it comes to your business, health, wealth, relationships, that should be enough motivation for you to do something about it. And if it's not, then you haven't suffered enough yet
What drives you? What motivates you? The metrics that I choose to measure my success aren’t materialistic things that will last a moment. I want to leave a legacy of hard work, persistency, love, collaboration, and genuine difference making in this world. I’m driven to succeed at that. Everything else is a byproduct...not my focus. Let’s go get it!!!😁😁🔥🔥🔥 #live #to #inspire #garyvee #garyvaynerchuck #elonmusk #stevejobs #apple #women #sunsay #motivational # #loveinfluencer #positive #quotes #love #blessed #always #growing #growth #never #stop #believing #hustle #hustler #sundayfunday #365 #inspirational #encouragement #encourage #day
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Don't look at someone else's power and strength and make it mean that you're 'weak' Use it to tap in to your own power As evidence that you CAN too Leverage your strengths 👑
North Carolina is hands down my favorite state. What is it like to witness this view live? The euphoria is out of this world. The love and appreciation for life deepens dramatically. The emotions are overwhelming and so calming at the same time. You feel connected to yourself and your purpose in life. #Travel #Love #Memory #Identity #Mountains #NorthCarolina #USA #entrepreneur #Tennessee #Motivation #Emotions #purpose #garyvaynerchuck #garyvee #bethebestandfucktherest #BeastGrowth #InnerVoice
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