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As our grocery store bought produce continues to deteriorate in nutritional value and we aren't sure what it's sprayed with half the time, (even the organic stuff). It's picked too early and ripened in the store. We don't eat the rainbows variety. We find the need to supplement to get our bodies what they need to function properly and have us healing from the inside. 😊 This stuff here 👇👇👇 is what my family uses to ensure we are getting what we need. Your body can do amazing things when it's fuelled the right way. No that doesn't mean eating right one or two days a week or even half the time. You have to do better than that. How many servings of fruit and veg are you eating daily?? 🍅🍆🥒The average person should be in the 7-13 serving range. 😲Even on my best of days that can be tough. Being in that range every day consistently is when you start to notice things like more sustained energy through the day, sleeping better, better skin, hair, nails, immune system boost and workout recovery. 😇These are just a few of the many benefits we are finding. #gamechanger #pilotlife #nutrition #wellness #energy How do you #fuel yourself when you're on the go?
Day 8 of the #50shadesin50days Precious Topaz is such a gorgeous fall color, AND it has such a gorgeous subtle sparkle! 💖
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So many memories in so little time....😍 #1stbirthday #family #gamechanger
🚨🚨🚨 New Auguste Play - Stages🚨🚨🚨 #new #Clip #video #Gamechanger #avantPluto https://youtu.be/pVxb9S6zYE4 Link In Bio
@Regranned from @edwaxit - @thelastdetailnv - #regrann More fun with The Last Cut. Check out this video from Ed @edwaxit 🙌😎💪💪