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I had an absolute blast hanging out with @be50strong, @isocialfanz @rachelloumiller and @unohamaofficial crew for the #unohama regional #marketing conference this weekend! What an inspiring group of minds with great energy!! ❤️❤️❤️ #socialmediamarketing #relationshipmarketing #inboundmarketing #futureofmarketing #giveback
In Beyond Advertising you will get to read a lot about how marketing should work, and how marketers should think. The book offers an optimistic view of the possibilities that marketing and brands can offers us in a time when we are always connected and on the move. The main problem that the book points out is that marketing today is focused on pushing the brands products/services to everyone, even if they do not need it. If marketing will develop in the way the authors recommend and predict we will have interesting experiences, but then again each of us should ask ourselves if we are willing to pay the cost of having exactly the “right kind of information” at the “right time” popping up on our email, social media, phones, tv, even car etc…? In short I expected more currently feasible measures/information on how to use/intertwine all touchpoints to make a better customers experience. I fell like I did not get that in this book. Here are some of my notes from the book: 📖Hearing what the customer is saying will be more important than trying to devise a break-through creative idea. Answering customer questions, filling their needs. Right now, not tomorrow. 📖Mental models are deeply held internal images of how the world works, images that limit us to familiar ways of thinking and acting. 📖People want the following things from advertisers: customization, community, convenience, competitive value and tools for choice. 📖The only asset that gets built online is permission. Permission to talk to people who want to be talked to. Rating: 2/5 You can find more book bites/notes at www.purposefocuscommitment.com See you there. #purposefocuscommitment #bookreview
We're here with another #FunFactFriday. Kayla & Ben of @This.Little.Wandering tell us daughters Jessamyn and Ophelia are both named after song titles so that they each have a song that is their own. We just love that! Are you named after a song? #influencerlove
Fall doesn't truly begin until the first holiday comes around where you get to overdo it on the candy and the costumes! Layla & Emelia got a head start by stopping by the See's Candies store and clearing out their counters. We couldn't be more excited to stop by their house while trick-or-treating : ) #Happyhalloween #Seescandies @seescandies
We're back with Meet the Influencer Monday and we'd like to introduce you to Jon Wiebe! Fashion forward and trendy, this loving dad is on the road to dapper one look at a time! @theroadtodapper #NewInfluencer
Some sayings just never get old. Happy Sunday everyone!
Cheers to the freakin' weekend everyone! Happy Saturday 💃 ❤️
And we're back with Fun Fact Friday! Influencer Laurel (one half of the beloved Sugar Plum Sisters) has crossed bungee jumping off her list and hopes to skydive one day! Whoo! YGG #funfactfriday #influencerlove
Yum 😋
Very informative programmatic media event with Joe Z CEO of MediaMath #programmatic #technology #tech #nerdygirl #media #futureofmarketing 🖥🔌📱⌚️🛠
@nicolledoublel partnered with local Vancouver company @AdhesifClothing recently with gorgeous results! Made by designer, Melissa Ferreira, each piece is a one of a kind statement from reclaimed, vintage materials and we’re loving it! Book an appointment at info @adhesifclothing.com to shop in person at their new studio! #influencercampaign #adhesifclothing #Vancouver #Vancity