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@mr.brightside32 has decided to let of his turbo kit. Message him for any details. High lights below FOR SALE* Custom MK5 R32 Turbo Kit. The kit includes *6262 Percision W/hot side V-band *Precision Wastegate *CTS intercooler w/ custom piping *4" Maf housing * Tear drop hood wastegate dump * Argon Addict tubular exhaust manifold *CTS Diverter Valve *CTS modified Down Pipe $5500 OBO Currently still removing from the car. *LOCAL Sale or willing to meet half way within reason *NO SHIPPING AT THE MOMENT *NOT PARTING OUT THE KIT *THE REST OF THE CAR WILL GET PARTED OUT IF THE KIT SELLS #Forgetilldeath #forgeon #forgemotorsport #forgecult #malihinicustoms #theheathens #R32OC #euro #wookie #mk5nation #R #motorsport #volkswagen #turbo #vr6turbo #vr6t #vr6nation #R32 #functionoverform #boosted #petrolhead #R32t #vrsociety #racing #boost #awd #BBS #mk5r32
Raybestos ST43 pads and titanium heat shields to go into the Brembo Calipers!
Story time featuring a post arm day pic. For 7 years, I've been accused of doing steroids. The evidence is based around three factors: I go to the gym frequently, my size and my temper. There are days where my temper can get the best of me, and the evidence to the conclusion just makes too much sense. Well to answer the questions, no I don't do steroids. I don't just go to the gym to look good, feel good and stay healthy. The gym is therapy to me. It's cheaper than anger management classes. It's a good outlet. The point of this rant is that we all have our demons. Some remain unnamed. Others can be identified like depression, anxiety, stress and anger. And we have to live them. Question is, what do we do about them? Do we do nothing and blame them for our attitudes, reactions and personalities? Continue to use them as scapegoats? Or do we do something about them? The gym is my outlet, where I release all my anger and rage so they can't control me. Don't let your demons control you. YOU are in control, and you will have to fight to get it back!
Dont Give A Fuhhh If The Bike Is Dirty As Long As My Chain And Sproket Are On Fleek ! #functionoverform #keepittiptopshape
In recognition of international chest day. Only Palmela's side was shown and now Haniffa feels left out due to expert hateography by an iphone *cough* ipackofshit user. My trainer keeping careful watch incase i buss my face...wait, he'd pay to see that happen actually ... and alot more of the #crossfit haters.😏 #dontfollowmeidontknowwhatthefuckiamdoing #functionoverform Vid: @reena_rampersad Watchful eye: @azruddin_ali Location: @centralathletictt Powered by #kfc, #roti and #doubles in specific order. @bradleymartyn @bradley_martyn
Found some corbels that match the style of the kitchen island panels and gives support so we can overhang quartz 12" to form a nice breakfast seating area. Now to choose a paint color 🤔
From humble crashed beginnings. $200 wreck RX Impreza shell